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ありがたい の訳語→ appreciate attractive delightful easy excellent glad God-sent grateful handy happy like lucky perfect relieve sweet welcome

いい の訳語→ acute allowable beautiful better can care charming cool desirable encouraging fine forget great grown hope impeccably lovely neat nice O.K. optimal perhaps plenty positive pretty probable promising proper reasonable regular right satisfied smart successful super suppose upright vote well well-to-do wonderful

いいこと の訳語→ balm break now remember secret up

いける の訳語→ doable safe viable work

うってつけ の訳語→ ideal

うまい の訳語→ decent deft delicacy fortunately master mild plausible remarkable tactful

うまく の訳語→ all artfully beautifully cleverly deftly easily effectually efficiently gracious proficiently properly quite really savvy shrewdly splendidly successfully tightly

うれしい の訳語→ enjoy friendly gleeful gratifying pleasant pleasure sweetness thankful

おいしい の訳語→ delectable delicious fragrant topical treat

おめでたい の訳語→ altruistic

おもしろい の訳語→ amusing exciting fun funny inspiring instructive interesting odd-looking thought-provoking

かなり の訳語→ again almost amazingly appreciably considerable considerably extremely fairly goddamned heavily how increasingly lot more much nearly positively rather serious some somewhat substantial very widely

かなりの の訳語→ appreciable bit certain enough goodly pocketful significant sizable sizeable substantive

きちんと の訳語→ carefully clean correctly daintily do duly effectively even exactly just nicely precisely precision smack squarely strict strictly through

きつい の訳語→ arduous baleful bitter broad corrosive demanding explicit fierce grave hard nasty painful palpable sharp sharply sharpness shattering steep strong stubborn tough

けっこう の訳語→ especially hugely modest surprisingly tidy

さすが の訳語→ worthy

さんざん の訳語→ bloody brutal cruelly dozen everywhere freely nightmare often roundly ruined

しかるべき の訳語→ appropriate due should suitable

しっかり の訳語→ certainly cleanly close completely definitely fast firmly fully indelibly powerfully real safely soberly solid tight together

しっかりしている の訳語→ dependable mature

しっくりと の訳語→ finely perfectly

しみじみ の訳語→ appreciatively incredulously quietly

じっくり の訳語→ closely extra fastidiously long methodically patiently relish seriously smooth thoughtfully

すぎる の訳語→ far past too travel

すぐれた の訳語→ blue-ribbon bright brilliantly gifted major paramount skilled useful well-made

すごい の訳語→ amazing astonishing fabulous fantastic gee gnarly God hell kick-ass kickass knockout monster rum sensational sheer something terrible tits uncanny wild

すてき の訳語→ smashing

すばらしい の訳語→ admirable bionic brilliant dodger elaborate grand idyllic incredible magnificent spectacular splendid swell tall terrific veritable whizbang winning zingy

すばらしく の訳語→ glamour gloriously unbelievably wondrous

せいぜい の訳語→ about altogether anyway bare barely extent jolly only remarkably

そう の訳語→ correct entirely follow meet oh same seem so such sure this truly why yes

そうか の訳語→ ah-ha hmph indeed then yeah

たしかな の訳語→ steady

たっぷり の訳語→ absolutely bunch clear deep generous gust lashing lavish rich time

ためになる の訳語→ benignant informative serve

ちゃんとした の訳語→ legitimate official okay reputable respectable sound well-adjusted

できる の訳語→ able assemble capable chance develop give have know manage offer open permissible possible power provide understand will

どんどん の訳語→ aggressively constantly dramatically eagerly fair gradually keep quickly rapidly steadily

なじみ の訳語→ acquaintance chum

のんびり の訳語→ idleness idly slow

ぴったり の訳語→ belong match near word-for-word

ぴったりの の訳語→ likely

ほとんど の訳語→ alike few half hardly largely little majority most practically rarely singularly totally virtually

ましだ の訳語→ count credible prefer

まず の訳語→ but example first initially probably simply sort

まっとうな の訳語→ functional good-natured honest mainstream straight

まともな の訳語→ civilized commonsense controversial decently direct full-sized important normal orderly ordinary praiseworthy reasonably responsible sane wise workable

の訳語→ also another despite else equally himself including partly still

もってこい の訳語→ comfortable

やっと の訳語→ before begin belatedly eventually finally laboriously last soon where

やり手 の訳語→ best boy expert wheeler-dealer

よい の訳語→ evening smile

ようく の訳語→ good-and-well

よく の訳語→ always common deeply dreadfully enormously exceedingly frequent frequently further intimately many mostly occasional once periodically prolonged sometimes soundly strongly usually vigorous

よくできた の訳語→ clever intelligent

よし の訳語→ here there

れっきとした の訳語→ acceptable authentic creditably distinguished unmistakable valid

わきまえる の訳語→ display realize respect sense understanding

ハンサムな の訳語→ good-looking handsome

愛くるしい の訳語→ sweetly

安全 の訳語→ harmless safety security

医者 の訳語→ doctor medic physician

一人前の の訳語→ full-fledged old

一流 の訳語→ big-time eminent first-class first-rate leading light

一流の の訳語→ ace mighty quaint rarefied top-notch

価値 の訳語→ caliber dollars impact stuff value

快い の訳語→ blissful cheerful comforting deliciously gay love

格好の の訳語→ convenient natural

格別の の訳語→ chosen particular

獲物 の訳語→ catch fish kill prey prize quarry spoil take trophy victim

確か の訳語→ agree firm

確かな の訳語→ authoritative conclusive tried

楽だ の訳語→ simple

頑丈な の訳語→ hardy heavy insensitive massive monolithic strapping sturdy thickness unbroken

嬉しい の訳語→ dear delight fain happiness joy please satisfaction

強い の訳語→ beat blustery ferocious harsh high highly hot huge immune lead loud powerful profound resistant robust teeming thick urgent vehement whip

恵まれた の訳語→ privileged

敬虔な の訳語→ devout devoutly pious practicing reverence

賢明な の訳語→ farsighted oracular sensibly sophisticated

元気 の訳語→ energy health heartiness inclined inspire joyous oomph show spirit spring strength zap

効く の訳語→ assist come flow hit learn

好ましい の訳語→ advisable fitting likeable

巧妙 の訳語→ slick

幸せ の訳語→ well-being

高級な の訳語→ fancy high-ranking spiffy

最高の の訳語→ best-case epic height maximal mint premium sovereign topmost upmost uppermost

作物 の訳語→ crop harvest

使える の訳語→ available legal use

手頃な の訳語→ wieldy

周到な の訳語→ cautious meticulous sedulous

充分 の訳語→ ample fill full handsomely painfully

従順な の訳語→ compliant governable malleable manageable reverent tame

助けになる の訳語→ help instrumental

丈夫な の訳語→ sinewy

情報源 の訳語→ contact

心地よい の訳語→ balmy lull temper treasured

心優しい の訳語→ compassionate graceful

申し分ない の訳語→ impeccable impressive preferably unobjectionable

親切に の訳語→ gently helpfully kind kindheartedly

進む の訳語→ advance approach forward go head headway march move pass proceed tromp underway

澄んだ の訳語→ transparent

正しい の訳語→ hold justifiable prescribed virtue

正当な の訳語→ justified legit

惜しい の訳語→ regret shame valuable

絶好の の訳語→ big primary prime

善良な の訳語→ good-hearted innocent

素晴らしい の訳語→ extraordinaire outasite slashing

素直な の訳語→ straightforward

相当の の訳語→ comfortably

の訳語→ large ponderous redoubtable

大事な の訳語→ badly matter precious

大丈夫 の訳語→ recover

仲良く の訳語→ companion friend harmony neatly

忠実な の訳語→ adhere liege loyal scrupulous

長けている の訳語→ infallible

通用する の訳語→ accept appeal

適切な の訳語→ apposite apropos cogent effectual expedient

堂々とした の訳語→ confident palatial statuesque

熱心な の訳語→ alert attentive committed dedicated diligent enthusiasm fervent inspired intense passionate wedded willing zealous zestful

派手に の訳語→ flashily incredibly loudly provocatively wildly

抜群 の訳語→ predominance preeminence

富む の訳語→ abound biting

物知り の訳語→ knowledgeable maven pundit

味方 の訳語→ ally corner defense inclining partisan side

明るい の訳語→ brightly brightness bubbly cheery expansive optimistic outgoing radiant reveal

役立つ の訳語→ contribute

愉快な の訳語→ healthy humorous jovial pleasurable

優しく の訳語→ dolce gentle tender warmly

優秀な の訳語→ efficient hot-shot outstanding superb talented

有力な の訳語→ foremost prevailing

裕福な の訳語→ wealth wealthy

利点 の訳語→ edge factor upside

立派な の訳語→ estimable total virtuous

良い の訳語→ excel fond fortunate well-deserved

良心的な の訳語→ conscientious highest-quality

腕の立つ の訳語→ workmanlike

good Samaritan good buddy good day good evening good humor good will good-humored good-looking good-naturedly good-natured good-ol’-boy goodish goodness goods and services tax goods goodwife goodwill goody