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ある の訳語→ apply bear bore come enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

あれこれ の訳語→ lot many variety various

いくつか の訳語→ couple few little number several

いくつかの の訳語→ half-dozen something

いくらか の訳語→ bit bob more rather slight slightly small somewhat spot

かなりの の訳語→ appreciable considerable enough good goodly pocketful pretty quite significant sizable sizeable substantive

さぞかし の訳語→ absolutely doubt grateful really surely truly

しかと の訳語→ firmly fully unqualifiedly

しかるべき の訳語→ appropriate due nice proper reasonable right should suitable

すこし の訳語→ distance fairly mildly short trifle

そういうこと の訳語→ opportunity this

その の訳語→ her his its same sheer those

どこか の訳語→ faintly grapevine look obviously part partly somebody somehow someplace somewhere vaguely wherever

なんとなく の訳語→ actually connotation distinct effortlessly general imprecisely inexplicably intuitively moderately seem simply

まぎれもない の訳語→ absolute certainly decidedly genuine indeed indisputably indubitably inescapable realize sovereign undoubted undoubtedly unfailing unmistakable unmistakably unquestionable

まず の訳語→ almost but example first initially just often practically probably rarely sort sure

まちがいない の訳語→ know must

やや の訳語→ perhaps shade

わかる の訳語→ admit agree apparent appreciate ascertain catch clear clue conscious count decide discern discover fancy fathom figure follow form gather git guess identify imagine indicate isolate learn make measure obvious offer palpable perceive pinpoint place prone prove realise recognise recognition recognize register respect sense sensitive share sympathize tell trace traceable understand understandable witness

一種 の訳語→ kind riff

一種の の訳語→ peculiar

一定の の訳語→ fixed steady uniform usual

一部 の訳語→ element partial partway

何となく の訳語→ extremely indefinable very

確実 の訳語→ definite positivity redundant reliability

確信 の訳語→ certainty certitude clarity confidence confident conviction surety

疑いない の訳語→ clearly promise

考えられる の訳語→ likely may possibility possible presumable

思い知らされる の訳語→ awaken conclude convincing

少々 の訳語→ iota mite quart

少し の訳語→ begin briefly dash handful light lightly narrowly remotely shortly thinly while

深く の訳語→ closely deep deeply heavily humbly much terribly

の訳語→ abandoned gash remains scar seal sign track

不審な の訳語→ mysterious strangely stray suspicious

別の の訳語→ another different differently else future new separate variant wrong

妙な の訳語→ curious curiously dreadful eccentric false foolishly funny odd oddly perverse queer screwy singular strange untoward unusual weird

間違いない の訳語→ adamant correctly fait accompli

はっきり の訳語→ baldly beautifully broad consciously crystal clear declarative definitely distinctly do easily evenly evidently exactly explicitly finally firm frankly great hard-edged honestly outright perfectly precisely prominent properly radically recognizably specific stark straight vividly well

決まっている の訳語→ on fleek

いくつも の訳語→ a stream of countless repeated series

certainly certainty

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