× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜しておく の訳語→ keep leave

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

いつまでも の訳語→ always continually continue endlessly eternal forever incessantly indelibly interminably long still

いまだに の訳語→ lingering never

いる の訳語→ alive exist father gather live look mean necessary require stay weary-looking

くすぶる の訳語→ foment hiss simmer smoulder

しばらく の訳語→ awhile bit briefly calculated hi minute moment second temporarily while

すむ の訳語→ able back complete do finish mere

すわる の訳語→ perch plunk position seat

そのまま の訳語→ consequently directly docile exact frankly immediate immediately instantly let originally perfectly plain same simply straight then unconsciously whole

つきまとう の訳語→ attend cling flutter follow haunted hound

つづく の訳語→ last lead next stretch

である の訳語→ afford become derive imply lay provide

とどまる の訳語→ stop

過ごす の訳語→ company night pass slip spend spent

居残る の訳語→ late

厳守 の訳語→ maintain sharp

残る の訳語→ endure linger remaining survive

止まる の訳語→ rest

死体 の訳語→ blob body cadaver corpse corpus stiff

消えない の訳語→ insist

常に の訳語→ anytime continuously each evermore seamlessly unending

逗留する の訳語→ sojourn

続ける の訳語→ perform pursue

存在する の訳語→ real

動かない の訳語→ fast jam statuesque

保つ の訳語→ observe protect save uphold

今でも の訳語→ now since to this day

remainder remains