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〜みたいなもの の訳語→ almost any hint like practically

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated sometimes stand there wait work

いいしれぬ の訳語→ indescribable ineffable nameless peculiar unspeakable

いくつか の訳語→ couple few little number several

いくつかの の訳語→ half-dozen many something various

いくらか の訳語→ bit bob more rather slight slightly small somewhat spot

いささか の訳語→ considerably embarrassed highly least mild mildly moderately partly pretty somehow trifle vaguely

いっぱしの の訳語→ competent impressive veteran

いろいろ の訳語→ all considerable every everything lot sort terribly

いろんな の訳語→ different large

かなり の訳語→ again amazingly appreciably extremely fairly goddamned good heavily how increasingly much nearly plenty positively quite serious substantial very widely

かなりの の訳語→ appreciable enough goodly pocketful significant sizable sizeable substantive

かれこれ の訳語→ about probably well

けっこうな の訳語→ best perfect wonderful

さすが の訳語→ beautifully worthy

さまざまな の訳語→ diverse endless innumerable manifold mixed motley multiple numerous variant wealth

ざっと の訳語→ abstracted briefly cursory easily glancingly hurriedly quick quickly rough roughly so

しばらく の訳語→ awhile calculated continue hi minute moment second temporarily while

すこし の訳語→ distance short

それなりの の訳語→ accordingly better internal justify pertinent polite

たいした の訳語→ certainly extraordinarily great incredible real really regular

たぐい の訳語→ kind type

たっぷり の訳語→ absolutely bunch clear deep generous gust lashing lavish long nice rich solid splendid time

だいぶ の訳語→ already partially proper

ちょくちょく の訳語→ frequently often

ちょっと の訳語→ brief brisk but casually faintly hey jiffy just maybe merely nominal now pinch psst pure right sec shortly simply subtly totally touch tut

ちょっとした の訳語→ clever high-class inconsequential minor modest seasoned sensible simple tiny trifling wee

ちらほら の訳語→ tentative

でも の訳語→ although aw even example except instead once only regarding still then though unfortunately yet

どういう の訳語→ nature what

どこか の訳語→ grapevine look obviously part somebody someplace somewhere wherever

なかなか の訳語→ admirably awfully deeply half hardly kindly late most reasonably reluctantly remarkably repeatedly stubbornly such

なにか の訳語→ anything casual embarrassment incoherently someone

なにやら の訳語→ thing

なんという の訳語→ terrible

なんとか の訳語→ barely contrive desperately etc. finally somethin’ succeed thingy whatsit

ばかり の訳語→ collection constantly early entirely exclusively firmly for full mostly newly none predominantly recently whole

まあ の訳語→ anyway God guess however might okay

まったく の訳語→ actually altogether apparent cold completely distinctly exact exactly exceedingly fully genuine gevalt goddamn gosh hell intense man naturally never outstanding particularly perfectly precisely squeaky strongly supremely surely truly vastly virtually yes

の訳語→ also another despite else equally himself including indeed too

やや の訳語→ perhaps shade

ようなもの の訳語→ case

一つ の訳語→ among same

一種 の訳語→ riff

一端 の訳語→ tail

一部 の訳語→ element partial partway

一面 の訳語→ aspect side streak trait

何か の訳語→ aught nothing whatever

何故か の訳語→ odd strangely

何度か の訳語→ occasionally series

結構な の訳語→ comfortably handsome succulent

向き の訳語→ belong course direction others

少々 の訳語→ iota mite quart

少し の訳語→ begin dash handful light lightly narrowly remotely thinly

少しは の訳語→ easy

の訳語→ rest world

多少とも の訳語→ may

比較的 の訳語→ relative relatively

妙な の訳語→ curious curiously dreadful eccentric false foolishly funny oddly perverse queer screwy singular strange suspicious untoward unusual weird

何人か の訳語→ a choir of students

somebody someday somehow someone something sometimes sometime somewhat somewhere