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ああ の訳語→ gawsh God ma’am Mm my no oh okay phew profound same son though why yeah yes

あまり の訳語→ about change entirely exactly excess few little more much pretty quite rather really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly utterly very with

あまりに の訳語→ acutely enthusiastic genuinely inordinately totally wildly

あまりにも の訳語→ hell overly simply strangely such thoroughly unusually

あんなに の訳語→ that tremendously

あんまり の訳語→ only painfully

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth great highly ideally indeed just like most obvious obviously perfectly pseudo real right seem seemingly simple spotlessly strained true typically unexpectedly

いたって の訳語→ enough fairly mortally

いちいち の訳語→ each every everything precise

いとも の訳語→ magnificent

いやというほど の訳語→ all embarrassingly fully honestly sharp terrible unpleasantly

おそろしく の訳語→ absolutely bloody damn deadly lot miserably monstrously ominously precious remarkably terrifyingly wild

おまけに の訳語→ also besides even furthermore however moreover plus then

ぐっと の訳語→ deep directly far sharply

すぎる の訳語→ good past travel

ずいぶん の訳語→ awful awfully considering dearly decidedly enormous large numerous often sure try way while

そう の訳語→ correct follow meet perhaps this truly

そういえば の訳語→ actually now until

それも の訳語→ preferably

そんなに の訳語→ especially

たまらない の訳語→ annoy bother desperately distraction immense intolerably irresistible specially succumb unbearable want

ため の訳語→ after effort honor interest purpose sake

だって の訳語→ because but Jesus possible well yet

ついでに の訳語→ opportunity

とても の訳語→ almost altogether dignified firmly goddamned hardly heartbreakingly huge jolly never practically

ばかに の訳語→ blamed disproportionate fearfully half high surreally

また の訳語→ additionally again always another as back further resume

むやみに の訳語→ badly blindly frantically horribly indiscriminately raging unduly

の訳語→ despite else equally himself including partly some still

やはり の訳語→ either likewise naturally other probably therefore

よっぽど の訳語→ considerably

根っからの の訳語→ basic basically born essentially eternal ever hard-core quintessential

大きい の訳語→ big expansive full largely lusty old oversize oversized wide

必要以上に の訳語→ exaggerated excessive excessively unnecessarily

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