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ため の訳語→ after effort honor interest sake too

の訳語→ all business like news of something than though to wonder

わけ の訳語→ mean reason sense way why

意味 の訳語→ advantage deal entendre explanation implication importance kind logic meaning message nature nuance point portent principle references warrant

機構 の訳語→ base mechanics organism

の訳語→ air attention chi composure concentration convinced desire feel feeling heart hunch idea impulse intention life mind mood motive nerve nerves oneself qi short temper thought vitality wish

決意 の訳語→ conviction decide decisiveness determination intension intent resolve

魂胆 の訳語→ attempt plan scheming

狙い の訳語→ aspire game object objective trail

必要 の訳語→ desirable essential justification need preference require take use

目的 の訳語→ cause custom effect end goal promise

目標 の訳語→ achievement hope priority target terminus

の訳語→ cast job part role run script

要領 の訳語→ example knack

理想 の訳語→ ideal theory value

理由 の訳語→ answer argument basis because benefit circumstance ground problem ratio thing

purposefully purposeful purposeless purposely