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おしまい の訳語→ doomed over

おちつく の訳語→ quiet relax

こちら の訳語→ he here me this we

しまい の訳語→ last never

はずれ の訳語→ beginning bottom bubkis corner down edge margin outskirt

やめる の訳語→ abstain against can cease cut drag forget forgo hang leave quit resist skip stop

の訳語→ back behind bosom deep depth depths far inner rear

過ぎる の訳語→ after consume extremely fade go grand pass spend up

過ぎ去る の訳語→ expire

の訳語→ border morass partition state

の訳語→ detail side

結末 の訳語→ conclusion denouement development ending outcome possibility

限界 の訳語→ best bound envelope limit limitation parameter terminus

最後 の訳語→ closing completion conclude finality omega once

最後に の訳語→ eventually finally lastly still then

最終 の訳語→ final late

の訳語→ death demise doom dying loss nothing tomb

収まる の訳語→ click fall fit smoothed

終える の訳語→ finish graduate

終わり の訳語→ dead later

消える の訳語→ absent baulk clear cool decamp disappear dwindle ebb eradicate falter fell lose lost miss out

情報 の訳語→ advice advisory ammo data happening idea info information informed intelligence knowledge line material message news reference remark report sign something source stuff suggestion that thing tip witting word

尽きる の訳語→ exhaust simply

切れ端 の訳語→ snatch snip snippet

絶望 の訳語→ despair desperate desperation

の訳語→ address ahead beyond exit farther first front future moment nozzle place rest

先端 の訳語→ apex nib point tine toe

側面 の訳語→ angle aspect facet implication part profile

打ち切る の訳語→ close drop dustbin

奪う の訳語→ abridge deprive monopolize rob run steal stole swag take usurp wrest

の訳語→ genesis portion

突端 の訳語→ headland

撲滅する の訳語→ extirpate scotch

明け の訳語→ get off

目的 の訳語→ cause custom effect effort goal motive promise purpose reason

欲望 の訳語→ desire drive need

利益 の訳語→ concern dividend gain interest profit profitability rationality

終わる の訳語→ be contained die pfft

endangerment endearingly endeavor endeavour endlessly endless endorsement endorser endow endpiece endurance endure enduringly enduring