× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜から の訳語→ ’cause above among at by that

〜ごしに の訳語→ across past through

〜のあいだに の訳語→ midst while

〜越しに の訳語→ on

あいだ の訳語→ between for gap hour interim moment relationship when

おさまる の訳語→ bate contain cool die dull ease fall fit hit modulation pass quit rest settle sit soothe subside

おしまい の訳語→ doomed end

から の訳語→ after against because before behind derive from since so till until

そば の訳語→ beside close close-up edge here it near next noodle presence side soup

まで の訳語→ about actually also every to towards

まわる の訳語→ around pull quarter round skirt turn

やってくる の訳語→ arrive come get materialize report result tread visit waddle walk

以上 の訳語→ more worse

何度も の訳語→ again constantly frequently fussily intermittently iteratively keep multiple often regularly repeated

寄る の訳語→ move stop take up

後方に の訳語→ rearwards

向こう の訳語→ far he him she them they who

終わった の訳語→ done finish pfft

終わり の訳語→ conclusion dead late later omega

大昔の の訳語→ ancestral medieval old

負ける の訳語→ floor losing

片がつく の訳語→ decide surmount

万事 の訳語→ all everything thing

優に の訳語→ easily well

over-generous over-sensitive over-venturesome overabundance overall overblown overcome overconfidence overdramatic overflow overgrown overhanging overhead overhear overheat overlay overlook overlord overly overmatch overnight overpainted overpass overpowering override overriding overrule overseer oversee overserious overset overshadow oversight oversized overstated overstuffed overtake overthrow overtly overtone overture overt overuse overview overwhelmed overwhelmingly overwhelming overwhelm overworked overwork