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〜から の訳語→ ’cause above among by over that

〜なら の訳語→ for if in

〜めがけて の訳語→ toward towards

あたり の訳語→ air area around everything guess level neighborhood now part per place region section so somewhere things

かかっている の訳語→ consult on

くせに の訳語→ although but even notwithstanding

はなから の訳語→ initial little utterly

まで の訳語→ about actually also every through till to until while

応じて の訳語→ appropriate upon

同時に の訳語→ abruptly along concurrently incidentally simultaneous together

at that time at this juncture at-bat atelier atheistic athletic athwart atmosphere atmospherics atomic atonement atop atrociously atrophy attachment attach attack attain attempt attendance attendant attender attend attention attentively attentiveness attentive attest attirement attire attitude attorney attraction attractively attractiveness attractive attract attribute attribution attrition atypically atypical