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〜しては〜する の訳語→ always pleasure

〜なら の訳語→ at for if

〜の の訳語→ about as from of with

〜のうちに の訳語→ during on within

〜のさなかに の訳語→ amid

うちに の訳語→ after amongst by while

おさめる の訳語→ deposit experience get hide put return

つっこむ の訳語→ fit jam persist poke prod slip stick thrust

となると の訳語→ mean really since so then when

なかに の訳語→ here inside

なら の訳語→ do now well

まとう の訳語→ deck dress wear

みなぎる の訳語→ pervade positively spreading

陰に の訳語→ behind into near

格好 の訳語→ appearance attitude cloth manner position way

見て の訳語→ look point

の訳語→ following footstep later sequel subsequence wake

混じる の訳語→ accompany admix cling couple

乗る の訳語→ angle board catch drive further ride sit take

登場する の訳語→ appear come emerge enter

in-the-moment inability inaccuracy inadequate inadvertently inadvertent inadvisable inane inanition inappropriate inarticulate inauguration incalculable incandescence incantation incarceration incarnation incendiary incense incentive inception incessantly inchoate inch incidentally incident incise incision incite inclination incline inclining include including inclusion incoherently incoherent income incomparable incomprehensible incomprehension incongruity incongruous inconsequential inconsequently inconspicuous incorporate incorporation increase increasingly incredible incredibly incredulity incredulously incredulous incrementally incremental incrementation incrustation incubate incumbent incurable incurious incuse indecent indecisive indeedy indeed indefinable indefinitely indefinite indelibly indelicate indenture independence independently independent indescribably indicate indication indicator indifference indifferently indifferent indignantly indignant indignation indirectly indiscreet indiscriminately indiscriminate indispensable indisposed indisputably indissoluble indistinct individual indoctrination indolently indomitable indoor indulgence indulgently indulgent indulge industrialist industriously industry inebriate ineffable inelegantly ineluctable inept inequality inert inescapable inescapably inestimable inevitable inevitably inexorably inexpedient inexpensive inexpert inexplicable inexplicably inexpressible infallible infallibly infamous infamy infant infeasible infect inference inferior infernal inferno infer infestation infidel infiltrate infinitely infinite infirm inflamed-looking inflame inflammation inflammatory inflexible inflict influencer influence influential infographics informally informal information informative informercial inform infrastructure infringe infuriate infuse infusion ingeniously ingenious ingenuity ingenuous ingratitude inhale inharmonious inherent inheritance inheritor inherit inhospitable inhuman iniquity initially initial initiation initiative initiator injection inject injudiciously injure injury inkling inland inlet inmate innate inner inning innocence innocently innocent innocuous innovation innovative innumerable inoffensive inordinately inordinate inquire inquiringly inquiring inquiry inquisition insalubrious insaneness insane insanity insatiably inscription inscrutable insecticide insect insecure insensitive insertion insert insider inside insidiously insight insignificant insincere insinuating insinuation insipidly insipid insistence insistently insistent insist insolent inspection inspect inspiration inspire inspiring installation install instance instantaneous instanter instantly instant instead instigate instigator instinct institutionalized institution instruction instructive instructor instruct instrumental instrumentation instrument insularity insulted insult insurgent insurrection intact intangible integrally integrate integration integrity intellect intelligence intelligently intelligentsia intelligent intended intend intensely intense intension intensity intensively intensiveness intentionally intentions intention intently intent interaction intercede intercept intercession interchange intercourse interdisciplinary interestedly interested interestingly interesting interest interface interference interfere interim interior interlink interlock interloper interlude intermediate interminably intermingle intermittently internalize internal internet interplay interpretation interpret interregnum interrogate interrogation interrogatory interrupted interruption interrupt intersection interstate intervene intervention interview intestines intimacy intimately intimate intimation intimidate intimidation intolerable intolerably intolerance intolerant intoxicant into intractable intransigent intrepid intricate intriguer intrigue intriguing intrinsically intrinsic introduce introduction intro intruder intrude intuition intuitively inundation invader invade invariably invention inventory invent inverted invert investigate investigation investigative investigator invest invigorating invitation invite inviting invoke involuntarily involuntary involved involvement involve inwardly