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あげる の訳語→ get give have heighten hold let lift offer place provide push raise rise say uncover utter

すっと の訳語→ clear irresistibly quickly rapidly revived

つっこむ の訳語→ fit in jam persist poke prod put stick thrust

とおす の訳語→ conduct utterly

はおる の訳語→ clad throw

はぐらかす の訳語→ avoid avoidance deflect duck feint thwart

はさむ の訳語→ between center cradle fix inject interrupt show store tuck

まぎれこませる の訳語→ doctor slide

まわす の訳語→ assign dial ease pass refer roll send ship spin spread transfer transmit turn work

ミス の訳語→ blob error laps mistake

萎える の訳語→ droop vanish weaken

引き出す の訳語→ bring dissolve draw elicit extrapolate invoke make remove shovel squeeze suck take trigger

過ごす の訳語→ company keep leave live night remain spend spent stay

外す の訳語→ dislodge pull

紙切れ の訳語→ note paper

手落ち の訳語→ blunder

出てくる の訳語→ come contain cross emerge find reach think

衰える の訳語→ decline diminish lose rot wither

伝票 の訳語→ check chit list ticket

入れる の訳語→ drop feed import plunge run shift stash stuff venture yield

抜く の訳語→ fish pick release

戻る の訳語→ back reenter rejoin remount retire return revert walk

出る の訳語→ answer arrive award begin betray dangle develop engage express finish forward get going go hit lead move out practice quit ride see serve sit start step try

はみだす の訳語→ burst escape out of project

slip-up slippery slipper slipstream