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あげる の訳語→ get give have heighten hold let lift offer place provide raise rise say slip uncover utter

あてがう の訳語→ dose fit fix furnish on prop put to

いじめる の訳語→ beat bully eat mistreat ridicule sail

こづく の訳語→ mess nudge

ころがす の訳語→ drive hit turn wheel

さらに の訳語→ additional additionally another even further maybe still then

ずらせる の訳語→ slide tilt

つきつける の訳語→ confront point present show stick

なでる の訳語→ console lay touch trace

引き上げる の訳語→ extract jerk leave roll withdraw

押しやる の訳語→ pass set shove

押す の訳語→ bull carry jam press punch ring slam sweep

急ぐ の訳語→ chop fast hurry prompt quickly race sprint stride

強調する の訳語→ accent accentuate assure commit impress lean stress underscore

送り出す の訳語→ part see

挑戦する の訳語→ affront call challenge try

追いこむ の訳語→ corner take

追及する の訳語→ question want

働きかける の訳語→ encourage finagle lobby work

迫る の訳語→ approach ask close come fall insist jump weigh

片づける の訳語→ accomplish attend brush busy consume describe dismiss do drink finish remove sling wind

落とす の訳語→ bring bury detract down downward drop hunch hurtle knock lose low lower omit peal rest slacken slump splash wipe

利用する の訳語→ capitalize handle play salvage use