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あいかわらず の訳語→ continue continuing look same usual

あくまで の訳語→ all desperately endless just only specifically strictly

あらためて の訳語→ again another back fresh further more new newly now officially thoughtfully

いずれにしても の訳語→ also anyway necessarily

いっこうに の訳語→ never obviously quite

いつまでも の訳語→ always continually endlessly eternal forever incessantly indelibly interminably long remain

いまだに の訳語→ lingering

いよいよ の訳語→ about close even ever finally gradually great greatly really rich so steadily very

おちつきはらった の訳語→ calm impassive

この先 の訳語→ next rest

さらに の訳語→ additional additionally maybe push then

さりとて の訳語→ but either nevertheless

しかし の訳語→ actually alas fortunately however instead Jesus nonetheless rather though well whereas yet

しかも の訳語→ alone besides especially fairly interestingly plus

しずかな の訳語→ peacefulness quiet quietly

じっと の訳語→ absolutely becalmed carefully closely courteously hard intently keenly motionless motionlessly openly patiently pretty sharply silently simply sit solemnly square steady straight stricken through tight unwaveringly

じっとしている の訳語→ hesitate stand wait

それなのに の訳語→ although

それにしても の訳語→ surely

たしかに の訳語→ actual admit admittedly definitely despite distinctly do evidently exactly forsooth goddam indeed namely question realize sure true unmistakably yes

ただし の訳語→ except if mind

でも の訳語→ already aw example once regarding some unfortunately while

とっさに の訳語→ immediately impulsively instant promptly quick quickly suddenly

とにかく の訳語→ altogether first for somehow sorta try whatever

なお の訳語→ certainly particularly

なおも の訳語→ little

ながら の訳語→ as during

なんとか の訳語→ almost barely contrive etc. somethin’ something succeed thingy whatsit

ぴたりと の訳語→ abruptly dead directly entirely full perfectly squarely tightly

ますます の訳語→ increase

またしても の訳語→ anew

まだ の訳語→ high

まだまだ の訳語→ enough other relatively

の訳語→ else equally good himself including partly too

もっとも の訳語→ appropriate fully highly least perhaps reasonable sound ultimately unless

やっぱり の訳語→ afraid okay see wish

やはり の訳語→ likewise naturally probably therefore

一向に の訳語→ bit completely indifferent no stubbornly

現在 の訳語→ immediate

口をつぐむ の訳語→ oyster pause shush silence stop swallow

最後に の訳語→ end eventually last lastly

残る の訳語→ endure leave linger remaining stay survive

十分に の訳語→ extremely

身じろぎもせず の訳語→ immobile

静かな の訳語→ pacific silken slumberous softly voiceless

静かに の訳語→ composed enjoy leisure peaceful

静まりかえった の訳語→ silent

絶やさない の訳語→ frequently keep preserve

相変わらず の訳語→ maintain

澱んでいる の訳語→ dragging stale

動かない の訳語→ fast jam statuesque stiff

同じように の訳語→ interchangeably similarly

立派に の訳語→ distinguished splendid

例によって の訳語→ characteristically customarily customary inevitable that

そして の訳語→ hence in the meantime

今でも の訳語→ since to this day

stillborn stillness