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ああ の訳語→ gawsh God ma’am Mm my oh okay phew profound same son though too why yeah yes

いえ の訳語→ er well

いない の訳語→ absence leave none

いや の訳語→ boy but even except gad hate indeed more neh nope not sick um weary

いやいや の訳語→ reluctantly uncomfortably wearily

いらない の訳語→ avoid spare

うーむ の訳語→ ah hmmm whew

うそ の訳語→ falsehood flam lie prevarication propaganda

うん の訳語→ maybe please

しまった の訳語→ agony eep jeez shit tense

そうではない の訳語→ otherwise wrong

だめだ の訳語→ deny have unsuccessfully useless

ちがう の訳語→ different differently unlike

ない の訳語→ empty fail less never nothing press refrain save want

の訳語→ actually incidentally sure there

ふん の訳語→ ha! so tut

べつに の訳語→ despite especially particularly really special

まさか の訳語→ actual certainly darling forget hardly impossible Jesus nohow presumably surely

まったくの の訳語→ abnormally absolutely crass exact genuine hopelessly just naked only resounding singular unmitigated wild

ゼロ の訳語→ aught diddley naught nought scratch zero zilch zippity-do

一向に の訳語→ bit completely indifferent still stubbornly

一切 の訳語→ all complete everything full thing wholeness

皆目 の訳語→ almost bubkis least simply squat

拒否 の訳語→ refusal rejection repudiation resistance

見あたらない の訳語→ miss

少しも の訳語→ quite whatsoever

駄目 の訳語→ hopeless worthless

迷惑 の訳語→ annoyance embarrassment hassle imposition pained trouble vexed vixen

no-man noble-looking nobleman noble nobody nodding noddy nod noggin noise noisily noisome noisy nomad nomenclature nominal nominate non-committal non-fungible token non-specialist nonchalantly nonchalant noncollaboration noncommittally noncommittal nondescript nonetheless none nonhuman nonpermissive nonplus nonsense nonsensical nonstop non noodle nook noontide noontime noon nope normalcy normality normally normal normative norm nor nose-rubbing nosedive nose nostalgia nostalgic nostril nostrum not my cup of tea notable notably notary public notation notch notepad noteworthy note nothing nothin notice-board noticeable noticeably notice notification notify noting notion notoriety notoriously notorious notwithstanding not nought nourishment nourish nous novelist novel novice nowhere now nozzle