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いや の訳語→ boy but even except gad hate indeed more neh no nope oh sick though um weary well why yes

いやだ の訳語→ disagreeable worry

さほど の訳語→ all especially half much particularly probably right

しない の訳語→ absence avoid bother refuse sparingly

だめだ の訳語→ deny have unsuccessfully useless

ない の訳語→ empty fail less never nothing press refrain save want

まずい の訳語→ botch botched compromising dismay impolitic lamely patent place poor problem shame subtle tough trouble unacceptable uncomfortable unfortunate unpalatable unskillful unwise worse wrong

違う の訳語→ another change contrary differ different differently new other

反する の訳語→ conflict violate violation

不能 の訳語→ go incapability

無理 の訳語→ demand difficult difficulty effort excess force impossible injustice pressure unnatural

not my cup of tea notable notably notary public notation notch notepad noteworthy note nothingness nothing nothin notice-board noticeable noticeably notice notification notify noting notion notoriety notoriously notorious notwithstanding