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いい の訳語→ acute allowable beautiful better can care charming cool delightful desirable encouraging fine forget glad good great grown happy hope impeccably lovely neat nice O.K. optimal perhaps plenty positive pretty probable promising proper reasonable regular satisfied smart successful super suppose sweet upright vote well well-to-do wonderful

いえる の訳語→ call know

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exactly exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely highly ideally indeed just like most obvious obviously only perfectly pseudo rather real really seem seemingly simple so spotlessly strained such terribly that too true typically unexpectedly utterly very

いま の訳語→ immediate now present there today

うまく の訳語→ all artfully beautifully cleverly deftly easily effectually efficiently gracious handy lucky proficiently properly quite savvy shrewdly splendidly successfully tightly

の訳語→ aw hmmm huh oh pardon what

さっそく の訳語→ directly immediately promptly quickly straight swiftly

さて の訳語→ anyway okay

さほど の訳語→ especially even half much not particularly probably

しかるべき の訳語→ appropriate certain due should suitable

しっかり の訳語→ carefully cleanly close definitely duly fast firmly fully indelibly positively powerfully safely sharp soberly solid squarely tight together

しっかりと の訳語→ bravely determinedly fastly jealously permanently robust solidly

しっくり の訳語→ poorly

すぐ の訳語→ automatically closely dutifully easy first instantaneously instantly minute presently pronto quick simply soon then willingly

すれすれに の訳語→ barely skim

すんなり の訳語→ generously serenely straightforward

そう の訳語→ correct entirely follow meet same sure this truly why yes

そうだ の訳語→ acquiescence apparently look possible yeah

そうです の訳語→ hear

そのとおり の訳語→ affirm obediently precisely

ただちに の訳語→ abruptly direct

たちまち の訳語→ already briefly hastily instantaneous momentarily outright rapidly short speedily sudden suddenly

だろ の訳語→ see yep

ちゃんと の訳語→ absolutely actually always clearly politely

ちゃんとした の訳語→ decent hard legitimate official perfect reputable respectable sound well-adjusted

ちょうど の訳語→ dully

ちょっと の訳語→ almost bit brief brisk but casually faintly fairly few hey hi jiffy little maybe merely mildly moment nearly nominal pinch psst pure sec shortly slight slightly small some something somewhat sort subtly totally touch tut while

とりなおす の訳語→ recover turn

どおり の訳語→ as

なあ の訳語→ here man

はい の訳語→ ay hello

ぴったり の訳語→ belong correctly match near strictly word-for-word

ぴったりと の訳語→ apt seemly snugly

ふつう の訳語→ common customarily customary generally normal normality often usual

まず の訳語→ example initially practically rarely

まっすぐ の訳語→ dead erect slap steadily

まともに の訳語→ full full-scale levelly pat sensibly seriously smack unerringly

めっぽう の訳語→ damned

めでたく の訳語→ fortunately happily

わかった の訳語→ gotcha

間違いなく の訳語→ surely

起こす の訳語→ arousal begin cause cock create get hold make raise start straighten wake

求める の訳語→ apply ask buy clamor demand expect long lust need poke pursuit request requirement seek want

結構 の訳語→ allow dandy enough lot reasonably

の訳語→ approval license power

権利 の訳語→ business courtesy rights

向く の訳語→ face slide swing wander

高い の訳語→ costing elevated expensive high prominent substantial tall towering wild

資格 の訳語→ admission authority claim competency position role

手頃な の訳語→ wieldy

順調に の訳語→ smoothly smoothness

条件 の訳語→ arrangement basis condition criterion exchange parameter provision qualification term thing

信用できる の訳語→ tried trustworthy

整然と の訳語→ meticulously

正しい の訳語→ justifiable prescribed valid virtue

直撃する の訳語→ attack catch hit whack

適切 の訳語→ rightness welcome

当たる の訳語→ check find nasty pursue scan with work

の訳語→ answer remark

堂々と の訳語→ ambitious brazenly confidently gallantly magnificently openly

無事に の訳語→ finally intact peacefully safe satisfactorily unchallenged

目の の訳語→ ophthalmic optic optical

の訳語→ reason righteousness

すぐに の訳語→ forthwith in a bit inevitably straightaway

間違いない の訳語→ adamant fait accompli must undoubtedly unmistakably

はっきり の訳語→ baldly broad consciously crystal clear declarative definite distinctly do evenly explicitly firm frankly hard-edged honestly radically recognizably specific stark vividly

理解する の訳語→ appreciate catch on divine explain grasp ken process recognize seize sensitive understand understanding

ふさわしい の訳語→ acceptable applicable apposite approximate befit befitting behoove commensurate de rigueur deserve fill fit ideal qualify suit

余地 の訳語→ opportunity place wiggle room

right-thinking righten rightly rightness