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おいおい の訳語→ hey oh really

おっさん の訳語→ good-ol’-boy hoss kid old owner sport uncle

おやじ の訳語→ bum dad father fuck goat

お客さん の訳語→ customer guy lady mister party public visitor

さあ の訳語→ come hm just

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance belong cover dispose draw explore fill gather get have head hit imprint lean make place prop put reach ride serve settle sit stick strike supply take

なあ の訳語→ here right

ほう の訳語→ business direction one person

まったく の訳語→ absolutely actually altogether apparent but certainly cold completely considerably distinctly entirely exact exactly exceedingly extremely fully genuine gevalt God goddamn gosh great hell intense merely naturally never outstanding particularly perfectly practically precisely pretty quite simply some squeaky strongly such supremely surely totally truly vastly virtually well what yes

もの の訳語→ anything base clothing component creature dick element factor fellow important information ingredient instrument kind matter note object oyster part people possession private quality rest something story stuff subject thing word worthy

やつ の訳語→ anybody bloke boy chap creep figure fucker he his man-jack onion puppy somebody son-of-a-bitch son-of-a-gun stallion talent type you

子孫 の訳語→ descendant offshoot offspring

子分 の訳語→ appendage bagman followership lackey subordinate

持ち主 の訳語→ hold with

の訳語→ anyone case fella folk human someone those

主人 の訳語→ husband occupant

囚人 の訳語→ bond inmate prisoner

職人 の訳語→ artisan craftsman servitor tradesman worker workingman

身体 の訳語→ body build condition form frame health position posture

の訳語→ boor everybody friend gentleman life men nature neighbour other others soul staff stranger student we whoever woman

人員 の訳語→ airlift headcount

人間 の訳語→ character disposition everyone gun heart humanity humankind individual mankind member mobile mortal organism son us world

人物 の訳語→ adult image loiterer personality presence

相手 の訳語→ antagonist companion company enemy face grip him interest partner quarry she they victim

大人 の訳語→ adulthood elder grown-up

の訳語→ bird boyo dude loin lover manhood masculinity number rogue sort

男の の訳語→ beefcake macho male virile

亭主 の訳語→ me patron

の訳語→ bugger dog

犯人 の訳語→ culprit killer murderer perpetrator villain

部下 の訳語→ assistant corps employee grunt one’s report sidekick underling

野郎 の訳語→ asshole bastard bitch dog-goned egg prick rascal

連中 の訳語→ all bunch contingent coterie crowd fringe fry group lot mind mortals observer personnel rabble rank run setout SOB swarm them variety

おじさん の訳語→ Mr. old guy sir

man-made manage to protect manageability manageable management managerial manager manage managing mana mandate maneuverer maneuvering maneuver mane manful mangle mangy manhandle manhood mania manic manifestation manifestly manifest manipulate manipulative mankind manliness manly mannerism manner manoeuvre manpower manservant mansion mantle manually manual manufacture many-coloured many