× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜のものだ の訳語→ have possess

つきものだ の訳語→ expect traditional

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance come cover dispose draw explore fill gather get head hit imprint lean make man place prop put reach ride serve settle sit stick strike supply take

ぴったり の訳語→ all appropriate close correctly exactly good match near perfectly precisely quite right strictly word-for-word

向き の訳語→ course direction others set some

持ち主 の訳語→ hold one person with

持ち前の の訳語→ inherent naturally old own usual

身内 の訳語→ blood family kin people proxy relation

当然の の訳語→ inevitable logical natural reasonable undisputed

馴染む の訳語→ fit supple weight