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あぶない の訳語→ almost crazy grey kill

いよいよ の訳語→ about even ever finally gradually great greatly more now really rich so steadily still very

おりる の訳語→ caper clamber climb emerge gather grow step

かかる の訳語→ attend began begin cost drive fall get infect narrow proceed rest ring say see set settle sit soar start take try use

きつく の訳語→ severely sharply

くる の訳語→ arise arrive become come consult count enrol go reach roll turn visit

さしかかる の訳語→ approach pass

しっかり の訳語→ carefully certainly cleanly completely definitely duly fast firmly fully good indelibly much nice positively powerfully real right safely sharp soberly solid squarely tight tightly together well

しっかりと の訳語→ bravely determinedly fastly jealously permanently robust solidly

しみったれた の訳語→ banality cruddy foul lousy penurious shabby shitty stingily

しめくくり の訳語→ ending endpiece

じっくり の訳語→ closely extra fastidiously long methodically patiently relish seriously smooth thoughtfully

じっと の訳語→ absolutely becalmed courteously hard intently keenly motionless motionlessly openly pretty quietly silently simply solemnly square steady straight stricken through unwaveringly

すぐ の訳語→ automatically directly dutifully easily easy first immediately instantaneously instantly just minute present presently pronto quick quickly quite soon swiftly then willingly

すれすれに の訳語→ barely skim

そこ の訳語→ exactly here place position that there world

そば の訳語→ beside close-up edge it near next noodle over presence side soup

そらす の訳語→ avoid curl deflect fob

つかむ の訳語→ catch clasp clutch figure find grab grasp grip hold know land learn play put snaffle understand

つぐむ の訳語→ purse shut stop

つぶさに の訳語→ closer detail

ぴったり の訳語→ all appropriate belong correctly match perfectly precisely strictly word-for-word

ぴったりと の訳語→ apt seemly snugly

ふさぐ の訳語→ cover cram encumber mask occupy

むっとする の訳語→ bristle glumly offend warm

もうすぐ の訳語→ shortly

もう少しで の訳語→ ready tempted

よく の訳語→ again always better common constantly deeply dreadfully enormously exceedingly frequent frequently further intimately like lot many mostly occasional often once periodically prolonged properly respectable sometimes soundly strongly usually vigorous

押さえる の訳語→ press touch wipe

間近 の訳語→ vicinity

強い の訳語→ acute beat blustery broad clear ferocious harsh high highly hot huge immune lead loud powerful profound resistant strong successful teeming terrible thick tough urgent vehement whip

強く の訳語→ awful badly emphasis forcefully heartily loudly vehemently vigorously violently warmly

近い の訳語→ before immediate imminent nearly proximity rather short virtually

近く の訳語→ around by

近くの の訳語→ adjacent for local nearby

近づく の訳語→ advance draw march move wait want

近づける の訳語→ lower triangulate

決定 の訳語→ announcement approval attitude choice decide deciding decision fiat inquisition word

塞ぐ の訳語→ block

細かく の訳語→ specifically

似た の訳語→ akin of

似ている の訳語→ alike liken resemble similar

手元 の訳語→ elbow hand

手前 の訳語→ from front shy

慎重な の訳語→ careful cautious cautiously conscientious diplomatic judicious reasonable thoughtful

深い の訳語→ absolute considerable deep deep-cut dense depressing expansive fathomless fine hearty heavy major nightmarish penetrating soft sticking

打ち切る の訳語→ drop dustbin end

追いつめる の訳語→ back chase have hound hunt

濃い の訳語→ dark full heavily perpetual shaggy

迫る の訳語→ ask insist jump push weigh

閉じる の訳語→ slam squeeze

閉める の訳語→ fix switch

の訳語→ after conclusion late

密接に の訳語→ bind

路地 の訳語→ alley alleyway back alley passage street

closed-door closed closely closeness closet closeup