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〜にある の訳語→ lie stand

あずける の訳語→ entrust lean trust

あと の訳語→ after aftermath another back else extra later moment more now retrospect sequel

あとは の訳語→ everything next then

おく の訳語→ complete drop engage get have hold keep lay pause place provide put set settle take thrust

おさまる の訳語→ bate contain cool die dull ease fall fit hit modulation over pass quit sit soothe subside

かかる の訳語→ about attend began begin close cost drive infect narrow proceed ring say see soar start try use

かける の訳語→ bestow cover crank dump equip hook launch make nearly pay pepper play run scamper seat shake show sling spend throw under waste wear worth wrap

この先 の訳語→ still

ずっと の訳語→ absurdly all always considerably ever far fine long lot much nonstop permanently surely totally very way well whole

とまる の訳語→ attack flat position stop

へたりこむ の訳語→ collapse sink squat

ほか の訳語→ other

まわり の訳語→ among around neighborhood orbit vicinity

みな の訳語→ every one others

みんな の訳語→ anybody anyone completely each everybody everyone family fella pack people them they unanimous we

もの の訳語→ anything base clothing component creature dick element factor fellow important information ingredient instrument kind man matter note object oyster part person possession private quality something story stuff subject thing word worthy

よりかかる の訳語→ lounge owe prop

休む の訳語→ idle

休養 の訳語→ recreation refection

残り の訳語→ remainder residue

止まる の訳語→ perch remain

持っている の訳語→ share

宿る の訳語→ dwell lade lodge

寝息をたてる の訳語→ doze snore

静止する の訳語→ hang

の訳語→ address ahead beyond bottom corner down end exit farther first front future nozzle tip

続き の訳語→ adjoining continuation persistent subsequence

の訳語→ some world

転がる の訳語→ roll troll

眠る の訳語→ asleep nestle night sleep

養生 の訳語→ care careful

落とす の訳語→ bring bury detract downward hunch hurtle knock leave lift lose low lower omit peal push slacken slump splash wipe

留まる の訳語→ continue

rest of the evening rested restful restitution restively restlessly restless restoration restore restrained restraint restrain restricted restriction restrictive restrict restroom