× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜こそ の訳語→ precisely reason

あきれるほど の訳語→ absurdly disgustingly dreadful unimaginably

あまり の訳語→ about change entirely exactly excess few little more much pretty quite rather really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly too utterly with

あまりに の訳語→ acutely enthusiastic genuinely inordinately totally wildly

あまりにも の訳語→ hell overly simply strangely such thoroughly unusually

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth great highly ideally indeed just like most obvious obviously only perfectly pseudo real right seem seemingly simple spotlessly strained that true typically unexpectedly

いくらなんでも の訳語→ inexplicable perhaps

いたく の訳語→ how

いたって の訳語→ enough fairly mortally

いとも の訳語→ magnificent

いよいよ の訳語→ close even ever finally gradually greatly now rich steadily still

うってつけの の訳語→ best better perfect proper welcome

うんと の訳語→ bad intentionally lot plenty well

えらく の訳語→ awfully fine fortune goddam one strictly surprisingly

おそろしく の訳語→ absolutely bloody damn deadly miserably monstrously ominously precious remarkably terrifyingly wild

およそ の訳語→ almost decidedly far possible practically probably remotely roughly

かなり の訳語→ again amazingly appreciably considerably goddamned good heavily increasingly nearly positively serious some substantial widely

かんかんに の訳語→ awful

きっちり の訳語→ firmly full neat severe trimness

きわまる の訳語→ complete

きわめて の訳語→ critically especially honest impossibly terminally thrice traditional

きわめる の訳語→ enjoy graphic

くれぐれも の訳語→ please strongly

けっこう の訳語→ glad hugely modest tidy wonderful

ことさら の訳語→ deliberate determined elaborately extra particularly stubbornly studied studious

ことのほか の訳語→ deceptively peculiar

この上ない の訳語→ appalling blissful superlative

ごく の訳語→ est many purely standard

さすが の訳語→ beautifully worthy

さっそく の訳語→ directly immediately present promptly quickly straight swiftly

さも の訳語→ particular show utter

しごく の訳語→ bastardize dead pull rigidly rub stroke

じつに の訳語→ absolute admirably truly where

すぐ の訳語→ automatically closely dutifully easily easy first instantaneously instantly minute presently pronto quick soon then willingly

すげえ の訳語→ shitless

すこぶる の訳語→ enormously goddamn haunting incredibly paragon resolutely wonderfully

すごい の訳語→ amazing astonishing fabulous fantastic fierce gee gnarly God kick-ass kickass knockout monster rum sensational sheer something terrible tits uncanny

すごく の訳語→ grave thundering tremendously

すっかり の訳語→ all already altogether anew deep dramatically drastically dreadfully every everything forever freely fully hopelessly late nicely noticeably rapidly ridiculously seriously severly significantly splendidly spoil stone superfluous unmitigated whole

ずいぶん の訳語→ considering dearly enormous large numerous often sure try way while

ずっと の訳語→ always long nonstop permanently rest surely

そのもの の訳語→ essentially massively picture

そもそもの の訳語→ initially original originally

それは の訳語→ this

それほど の訳語→ any less

そんな の訳語→ gosh kind

たいそう の訳語→ big desperate exceptionally

たしかに の訳語→ actual actually admit admittedly definitely despite distinctly do maybe namely question realize unmistakably yes

たっての の訳語→ pressing urgent

だいぶ の訳語→ bit partially

だけ の訳語→ but confine confined exclusively least limit merely own

ちゃんと の訳語→ carefully clearly politely properly

つい の訳語→ day hard inadvertently involuntarily involuntary keep mere slightly sometimes tend unintentionally unwisely

とくに の訳語→ outdo unduly

とてつもなく の訳語→ damned sinfully

とても の訳語→ dignified hardly heartbreakingly huge jolly never painfully

とびきり の訳語→ super

とびきりの の訳語→ foremost monumental prize

とりわけ の訳語→ chiefly main notably primarily special specially

とんでもない の訳語→ colossal crazy egregiously extraordinary furious insane major mega miserable odd outlandish outrageous ridiculous shocking sodding terrific unsocial

どうも の訳語→ guess personally somehow

どこまでも の訳語→ emphatically faithfully indefinitely persist through

なかなか の訳語→ half kindly moderately reasonably reluctantly repeatedly

なんでも の訳語→ anything fuck thus-and-such whatever

なんとも の訳語→ genuine indescribably infinitely nothing queer

はなはだ の訳語→ keenly peculiarly

ばか の訳語→ changeling dumb dummy fool horseshit klutz knucklehead nut pinhead prawn silly troll

ばかに の訳語→ blamed disproportionate fearfully high surreally

ひどく の訳語→ as atrociously curiously disproportionately distastefully excruciatingly extreme grossly heavy intense monumentally palpably passionately profoundly royally severely sincerely startlingly throughly worse

ほとんど の訳語→ alike barely largely majority near rarely virtually

ほんとに の訳語→ oh

ほんの の訳語→ brief desperately

まことに の訳語→ cruelly

まさしく の訳語→ undoubtedly

まさに の訳語→ appropriate begin effectively fact greatest thereby

まるで の訳語→ clean mostly sort sound total veritable wholly

ものすごく の訳語→ incredible mighty

やけに の訳語→ bitterly exceeding vigorously

やたらと の訳語→ implacably

よく の訳語→ common constantly frequent frequently further intimately occasional once periodically prolonged respectable soundly usually vigorous

よくよく の訳語→ scrupulously

よほど の訳語→ comfortable gravely progressively

異様に の訳語→ abnormally grotesquely hideous inordinate singular unbearably unearthly unnaturally weird

一途 の訳語→ earnest passionate

一番 の訳語→ bliss

何となく の訳語→ certain indefinable vaguely

完全に の訳語→ cold effectually faultlessly integrally stone-cold throw virtual

肝心の の訳語→ crucial vital your

強い の訳語→ acute beat blustery broad ferocious harsh hot immune lead loud powerful profound resistant robust sharp strong successful teeming thick tough vehement whip

恐ろしく の訳語→ immensely

極端に の訳語→ intensely

極度に の訳語→ dense

見るからに の訳語→ look patently visibly

仕方がない の訳語→ desperation inevitable justify pity should though unavoidable understand

至極 の訳語→ wholehearted

実に の訳語→ apparently painful unbridled

真実 の訳語→ reality rightness trueness truth

多少 の訳語→ faintly iota

の訳語→ ponderous redoubtable

大変 の訳語→ drag hassle Lo’dy rough

豊かな の訳語→ affluent ample better-off bountiful fruitful productive profuse thriving wealthy

本当に の訳語→ Nada

妙に の訳語→ curious inappropriately mysterious mysteriously nasty oddly strangeness weirdly

目に見えて の訳語→ perceived perceptibly recognizably

全く の訳語→ all right calmly hopeless

very fragile