× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜と見える の訳語→ apparently evidently seem seemingly

〜に違いない の訳語→ clearly undoubtedly

〜らしい の訳語→ appropriate proper real sense sort typical

あらわにする の訳語→ express indicate show

ありありと の訳語→ actually closely desperately distinctly great identifiable indelibly keenly neat palpably prevalent utter vivid vividly

いうまでもない の訳語→ certainly naturally

いかにも の訳語→ apparent clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident exactly exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely highly ideally indeed just like most obvious only perfectly pseudo rather really right simple so spotlessly strained such terribly that too true typically unexpectedly utterly very

いっこうに の訳語→ never quite still

おそらく の訳語→ conceivably doubtless may maybe perhaps possibly presumably probably

きっと の訳語→ always bet bitterly blankly but definitely fixedly hard have invariably likely must ought stiffly sure then tightly truly will

たしかに の訳語→ actual admit admittedly despite do goddam namely question realize strictly unmistakably well yes

ちがいない の訳語→ know possibility surely

どうしても の訳語→ absolutely barely eventually inalterably inescapably inevitably insist irresistible mostly simply somehow stubbornly would

どうせ の訳語→ anyway

どうやら の訳語→ dimly finally guess ostensibly reportedly

どうやら〜らしい の訳語→ manifestly

どう見ても の訳語→ far squeaky unquestionably

どこか の訳語→ certain faintly grapevine little look part partly some somebody someplace something somewhat somewhere vaguely wherever

どこから見ても の訳語→ entirely thoroughly totally

なかなか の訳語→ admirably almost awfully better considerably enough every fairly half hardly kind kindly late moderately positively pretty reasonably reluctantly remarkably repeatedly rich

なにしろ の訳語→ altogether because especially for since

まぎれもなく の訳語→ ultimately unmistakable

むろん の訳語→ though understandably

もちろん の訳語→ ’course also even hell

もとより の訳語→ already now scarcely

らしい の訳語→ any appear as become befit believe expect imagine suppose take understand wise

らしく の訳語→ sign

わかってる の訳語→ get

確実に の訳語→ carefully

疑いの余地なく の訳語→ unequivocally

見てとれる の訳語→ detect observe recognizable see

見られる の訳語→ discern exist found note respectable

見るからに の訳語→ easy patently visibly

実際 の訳語→ actuality fact personally practice virtually

絶対に の訳語→ absolute complete ever secrecy seriously

当然 の訳語→ automatically deserve expectantly fully logical readily reasonable should

当然ながら の訳語→ usual

当然のことながら の訳語→ justifiably

紛れもない の訳語→ tangible unmitigated