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〜で の訳語→ with within

〜なら の訳語→ at if in

〜にわたって の訳語→ during through

〜のくせに の訳語→ despite yet

〜のため の訳語→ under

〜のわりには の訳語→ though

〜を考えると の訳語→ given seeing

あいだ の訳語→ between gap hour interim moment over relationship when while

くれる の訳語→ burst give hand send take us

だったら の訳語→ maybe now rather so then therefore well

つもり の訳語→ believe desire determination idea impression intention interested mean object order plan ready reason represent think try want why

というのは の訳語→ ’cause since

とにかく の訳語→ absolutely actually altogether always anyway but first just nonetheless only somehow sorta still whatever

なにしろ の訳語→ because especially obviously

ばかり の訳語→ about all collection constantly early entirely exclusively firmly frequently full little many merely more mostly newly none peculiar predominantly recently repeatedly some whole

ふるまう の訳語→ act pretend

の訳語→ upon

まで の訳語→ also every till to towards until

まるまる の訳語→ fully

近くの の訳語→ adjacent close local nearby

賛成する の訳語→ agree

forage foray forbidden forbidding forbid forced forcefully forceful force forcibly ford fore-warning forearm forebear foreboding forecast forecourt foregoing forehead foreigner foreign forelock foreman foremost forenoon forensic foresee foreshadow forest foretaste foretell forethought forever forewarn fore forgery forger forgetfulness forget forge forgiveness forgive forgo fork forlornly forlorn formalism formality formalize formally formal formation format formerly former formidable formidably formlessly formless formulaic formulation formula form fornicator forsake forsooth forte forthwith fortify fortitude fortress fortuitously fortunately fortunate fortune forward