× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜くせに の訳語→ although considering

〜したところで の訳語→ before even

〜しながら の訳語→ while with

〜のころ の訳語→ as how

あいだ の訳語→ between for gap hour interim moment over relationship through

いっしょに の訳語→ along together whole

から の訳語→ after against among because behind derive from past since so till until

の訳語→ but despite however if instead now then though

ころ の訳語→ log time

さすがに の訳語→ exceptionally only rather

すると の訳語→ suddenly where which

それから の訳語→ also another further later next second secondly soon thence

たびに の訳語→ every

の訳語→ hand

の訳語→ eventually need sudden

とき の訳語→ day occasion period point situation

とたん の訳語→ immediately minute

とたんに の訳語→ automatically inevitably noticeably quickly

となると の訳語→ in mean really

には の訳語→ by than that to

ふと の訳語→ abruptly accidental briefly chance dare inadvertently instantly involuntarily just momentary unbidden unexpectedly

の訳語→ years

際に の訳語→ on

の訳語→ chronology clock season word

時期 の訳語→ patch spell timing

時分 の訳語→ about weather

場合 の訳語→ case circumstance context crisis eventuality respect

折り の訳語→ event opportunity

刹那 の訳語→ fractionally