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〜すると の訳語→ after before once until

〜ながら の訳語→ although as but despite while

〜ながらも の訳語→ even nevertheless otherwise with

〜のわりには の訳語→ for

の訳語→ hi oh well

ああ の訳語→ gawsh God ma’am Mm my no okay phew profound same son too why yeah yes

いや の訳語→ boy except gad hate indeed more neh nope not sick um weary

の訳語→ however if instead now then when

しかし の訳語→ actually alas fortunately Jesus nonetheless rather still whereas yet

しかしながら の訳語→ inevitably

しかも の訳語→ alone also besides especially fairly interestingly plus

それでも の訳語→ anyway

それにしても の訳語→ surely

ただ の訳語→ all bum just meaningless merely nothing only perhaps plain purely quite really sheer silently simply solitary sometimes that totally

ただし の訳語→ mind

でも の訳語→ already aw example regarding some unfortunately

ところが の訳語→ unhappily

とにかく の訳語→ absolutely altogether always first maybe so somehow sorta try whatever

ながら の訳語→ during

の訳語→ business like news of purpose something than to wonder

むろん の訳語→ certainly naturally obviously understandably

もっとも の訳語→ appropriate fully highly least reasonable sound ultimately unless

仕方がない の訳語→ desperation finally inevitable justify pity should unavoidable understand very

第一 の訳語→ particularly primacy

そして の訳語→ hence in the meantime

thought-provoking thoughtfully thoughtful thoughtlessly thoughtless thought