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〜することもある の訳語→ occasionally often

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated some stand there wait work

あるいは の訳語→ perhaps

いささか の訳語→ almost bit considerably embarrassed highly least little mild mildly moderately more partly pretty rather slight slightly somehow somewhat trifle vaguely

いつも の訳語→ abiding absolutely all always constant constantly ever evermore every exclusively forever generally invariable invariably long never normally other perpetual perpetually rarely regularly religiously routinely so steady strictly throughout traditionally unwavering used usual wholly

えてして の訳語→ as tend

しばしば の訳語→ frequent frequently occasional oftentimes

ただ の訳語→ although anyway bum but except however instead just meaningless merely nothing only plain purely quite really sheer silently simply solitary that though totally

つい の訳語→ actually automatically day easily hard inadvertently involuntarily involuntary keep mere typically unintentionally unwisely very

ときおり の訳語→ periodically

ときに の訳語→ now

ときには の訳語→ either possibly sometime

どうかすると の訳語→ even

まま の訳語→ with

よく の訳語→ again better carefully close closely common deeply dreadfully enormously exactly exceedingly fully further good great intimately like lot many mostly much once perfectly prolonged properly respectable seriously soundly strongly usually vigorous well

往々にして の訳語→ likely tendency

何度か の訳語→ few series several

場合によっては の訳語→ maybe something