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あたる の訳語→ check come graze hit intimidate jab make responsible review rise speak strike

ありさま の訳語→ situation with

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach remain reside run set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

いる の訳語→ alive exist father gather live look mean necessary require stay weary-looking

うかがう の訳語→ alert challenge discern eye glance investigate note peer regard reveal scout search size study trouble watch wonder

うかぶ の訳語→ cross pass play register touch

うなずける の訳語→ like possible

かかる の訳語→ about attend began begin close cost drive fall infect narrow proceed rest ring say settle soar start take try use

きく の訳語→ all appreciate ask demand do enquire give heed know learn listen pay question receive respect want

さぐる の訳語→ blind delve figure fish grope hound hunt peck probe research screw

さとる の訳語→ realize recognize tell

している の訳語→ contain determined help seem wear witness

そら の訳語→ ...

たしかめる の訳語→ discover establish test

だろ の訳語→ right yep

だろう の訳語→ apparently bet deduce evidently likely may must perhaps probably seemingly suppose surely think

つきあう の訳語→ accompany carry date deal indulge intercourse join keep meet mix treat understand

つきとめる の訳語→ assay detection identify trace track

とらえる の訳語→ allure apprehend catch encounter entrap follow grasp impress isolate maneuver spot

ながめる の訳語→ appraisal blink contemplate examine gaze gloat inspect observe peep stare survey view

のぞく の訳語→ admire escape peek squint

はっきりわかる の訳語→ articulate obvious palpable

ぶつかる の訳語→ attack bump bunt collide face odds slam

ほら の訳語→ bluff chaff hell remember story stretcher

みえる の訳語→ guess

みとめる の訳語→ applaud

みる の訳語→ choose overhear

やってみる の訳語→ implement

やっぱり の訳語→ afraid again indeed okay really still wish yet

やる の訳語→ act earn force handle inhale murder perform provide pull send smoke stoop tackle

わかっている の訳語→ aware conscious idea inkling sure

わかる の訳語→ admit agree apparent ascertain clear clue count decide fancy fathom form git imagine indicate measure offer perceive pinpoint place prone prove realise recognise recognition sense sensitive share sympathize traceable understandable

一見 の訳語→ appear intuitively outwardly reasonably seeming sound

会う の訳語→ greet interview meeting visit

垣間見る の訳語→ glimpse

確かめる の訳語→ confident detect verify

感じる の訳語→ create experience feeling mindful move react sweep taste

観察 の訳語→ concern contemplation estimate examination inspection observance observation reconnaissance theory

観察する の訳語→ analyse consider monitor observant scrutinize

眼にとめる の訳語→ read

眼を通す の訳語→ refer

気がする の訳語→ disposed might suspect tend worry would

気がつく の訳語→ anticipate attentive intercept nowhere recall recover

気づく の訳語→ assaile attach knowledge match noticeable uncover

経験する の訳語→ overpass

見える の訳語→ ken observable show sight suggest viewable

見たところ の訳語→ around visible

見つける の訳語→ dug glare intersect introduce seek unearth

見つめる の訳語→ concentrate linger

見てとる の訳語→ distinguish record

見てとれる の訳語→ evident obviously recognizable

見とがめる の訳語→ disapprove

見なす の訳語→ deem

見られる の訳語→ found presumably respectable

見出す の訳語→ arrive spy

見抜く の訳語→ comprehend peg tumble weigh

悟る の訳語→ acknowledge clued glom master reflect

光景 の訳語→ image landscape notion picture scene sean stuff vision

考える の訳語→ absorb approach assume believe care chew compose conceive convinced debate design determine disguise dwell expectation feature ideate judge meditate plan ponder process prospect reason remembrance result ruminate scheme speculate theorize thought through waver

行く の訳語→ arrival head leave out stroll tear venture walk

際限なく の訳語→ ceaseless continue endless

察知する の訳語→ assess

思う の訳語→ accept anticipation argue buy concerned conclude conjecture expect frightened hope impression love mind pretend qualify reckon remark sensible terrify

指摘する の訳語→ correct finger

手をつくす の訳語→ complete

手配する の訳語→ circulate

出くわす の訳語→ confront stumble

出会う の訳語→ confrontation

処理する の訳語→ control crunch manage matter wrangle

承知する の訳語→ consent promise

心に誓う の訳語→ swear

訊く の訳語→ comment inquire

送り出す の訳語→ part push

送る の訳語→ deliver dispatch escort lead put spend steer

知らされる の訳語→ fore-warning

知る の訳語→ beset news realization understood

眺める の訳語→ behold noodle

調べる の訳語→ breakdown confirm explore extricate inventory open reference shake sleuth sus

直接 の訳語→ directly immediately independent onesef personally

直面する の訳語→ contend real-world

頭に入れる の訳語→ memorize

読みとる の訳語→ tap

読み取る の訳語→ summarize

読む の訳語→ proofread prophesy scarcely

認識する の訳語→ cognizant

納得 の訳語→ satisfaction

覗く の訳語→ browse poke

発見する の訳語→ diagnose

浮かぶ の訳語→ arise bob float grew hang incubate materialize

明らか の訳語→ clearly

目につく の訳語→ advert flower remarkable striking

目に見える の訳語→ discernible

目のあたりにする の訳語→ observer

目をこらす の訳語→ goggle

目をつける の訳語→ interested select

目をやる の訳語→ consult

目撃する の訳語→ eyewitness

問い合わせる の訳語→ conversation

予想する の訳語→ forecast foresee

予測する の訳語→ predict predictive

理解力 の訳語→ receptivity

話をする の訳語→ disclose discourse discuss spread talk tete-a-tete write

見きわめる の訳語→ nail down

目にする の訳語→ lay eyes on

出る の訳語→ answer award betray dangle develop emerge engage express finish forward get going plunge practice quit ride serve slip step turn

見る の訳語→ consume gauge long look in moment scan state surmise

学ぶ の訳語→ profit teach oneself

理解する の訳語→ catch on divine explain seize understanding

認める の訳語→ acceptance attribute bless concede deign expose give sb credit grant realistic self-identy

検討する の訳語→ address confer leaf run through

seedy seed seeing seek seemingly seemly seem seep seer seethe seething