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ただよう の訳語→ drift float hung settle

わかっている の訳語→ conscious idea inkling know realize see sure think

意識 の訳語→ attention attitude awareness concept connotation consciousness heart identity life mind perception realization sense thought unrecognized way

意識して の訳語→ deliberately witting

意識する の訳語→ acknowledged anticipate careful cognizant feel notice recognize

感じられる の訳語→ convey detect like look perceptibly seem

感じる の訳語→ create decide experience feeling find go have mindful move react strike sweep taste

気配を感じる の訳語→ hear swear

見抜く の訳語→ comprehend discern discover fathom figure get peg read tell tumble weigh

自覚する の訳語→ admit understand

承知している の訳語→ believe

承知する の訳語→ agree assume consent promise take

心得ている の訳語→ command

知れている の訳語→ obvious

目に入る の訳語→ catch spot watch

冷静沈着 の訳語→ cool stoicism unruffled

気にかける の訳語→ ask be concerned care concern matter self-conscious wonder

認める の訳語→ accept acceptance acknowledge admire attribute bless concede conclude consider deign establish expose give sb credit grant identify ken realistic say self-identy show write