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いただく の訳語→ borrow must prefer take top touch

うながす の訳語→ direct draw edge hurry invite make order prod quicken remind suggest trigger

お願い の訳語→ notice request

きき返す の訳語→ counter echo

きく の訳語→ all appreciate check demand do enquire get give hear heed hit know learn listen pay question receive respect see want work

ことわる の訳語→ advise apologize explain note object say tell

させる の訳語→ allow authorize encourage force have leave let offer slap

せがむ の訳語→ anticipation beg coax nag plead solicit

せびる の訳語→ squeeze

たずねる の訳語→ address call inquire murmur sail

たのむ の訳語→ please

ねだる の訳語→ press wheel

願い出る の訳語→ apply

希望 の訳語→ anxiety fun hope opt promise wish

疑る の訳語→ doubt lose

求める の訳語→ buy clamor expect long lust need poke pursuit requirement right seek

言葉 の訳語→ admonition analogy avowal comment compliment concept declaration estimate estimation expression gush information insult interpretation item language mean name noise phrase phraseology plea proposal protest put remark remarks reply report rhetoric rule sentence shot sound speak speech standard statement suggestion talk term thing tone tongue utterance voice way word wording words

呼び出す の訳語→ bring list roust

呼ぶ の訳語→ describe drag earn evoke find hire prompt refer reference signal spark

語りかける の訳語→ point venture

乞う の訳語→ present

口にする の訳語→ blurt confess discussion drink eat express greet launch mention mouth pose recite respond spring use utter

口を開く の訳語→ answer

口を出す の訳語→ admonish interrupt volunteer

考える の訳語→ absorb approach assume believe care chew compose conceive concentrate consider contemplate convinced count debate decide delve design determine disguise dwell examine expectation fancy feature feel figure gather glance idea ideate imagine judge look meditate occur plan ponder process prospect realize reason recall recognize regard register remembrance result ruminate scheme speculate suppose suspect theorize think thought through trouble waver weigh wonder

催促する の訳語→ entreat inform

思う の訳語→ accept admit anticipate apparently argue bear concern concerned conclude conjecture deem frightened guess impression like love mind pretend qualify realise reckon reflect remember seem sensible sure terrify try understand view

持ち出す の訳語→ dredge journey raise reopen rob salvage steal

質問する の訳語→ interrogate

申し出る の訳語→ signify tender

声をかける の訳語→ intercept rattle squeal

切り出す の訳語→ begin break broach declare dice go start

相談する の訳語→ confer discuss palaver

探す の訳語→ grope search test

迫る の訳語→ close come fall insist jump push

負担 の訳語→ funding hard liability onus pain share strain

聞き出す の訳語→ extract pry screw

聞く の訳語→ dress field follow heard listener query

無心する の訳語→ sponge

命じる の訳語→ assign ordain urge

問いかける の訳語→ discover questioning

問いつめる の訳語→ corner

問い合わせる の訳語→ conversation

問い返す の訳語→ repeat

誘う の訳語→ allure arouse arrange attract build entice hypnotize lube steer woo

要請 の訳語→ appeal behest necessity

要請する の訳語→ require

浴びせかける の訳語→ hurl shout

頼む の訳語→ command entrust imploringly requisition retain

話しかける の訳語→ catch confide

言う の訳語→ accuse acquiesce add announce assert claim contend deliver exclaim get at imply indicate instruct mutter observe profess pronounce read relate return sell show state submit unload whisper

気にかける の訳語→ aware be concerned matter self-conscious


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