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〜する の訳語→ come find make

あとで の訳語→ after afterwards eventually later

いれる の訳語→ count percolate

したがう の訳語→ attend side

そう の訳語→ certainly correct entirely exactly good meet much oh perhaps right same seem so such sure this too truly why yes

そこで の訳語→ accordingly instead then there therefore thus wherein

つきまとう の訳語→ cling flutter haunted hound remain

つける の訳語→ adjust assign bear fix flip furnish hit light plant plunge provide put settle shed stick take use wear write

つづく の訳語→ continue go last lead long next run stretch

つづける の訳語→ add bring insist keep maintain persevere persist running say sustain

とらえる の訳語→ allure apprehend catch encounter entrap get grasp have hold identify impress isolate maneuver pass see spot

とる の訳語→ assume give grab interpret pick pop register schedule sign suppose

むこう の訳語→ back down guy other they

やる の訳語→ act all do earn force handle happen inhale know murder perform play pull send smoke start stoop tackle try work

よくわかる の訳語→ apparent appreciate articulate clear understand

わかる の訳語→ admit agree ascertain certain clue conscious decide discern discover fancy fathom feel figure form gather git guess hear imagine indicate learn measure notice obvious offer palpable perceive pinpoint place prone prove realise realize recognise recognition recognize respect sense sensitive share sympathize tell trace traceable understandable witness

わきあがる の訳語→ increase raise rise

一緒 の訳語→ also company

継承する の訳語→ accede inherit

見守る の訳語→ observe stare support vigil watch

行く の訳語→ arrival arrive head leave move out reach stay stroll tear venture visit walk

従う の訳語→ atrail committed comply serve stand

真似る の訳語→ borrow forge imitate reproduce

続く の訳語→ endure lineage open

辿る の訳語→ along research

注目する の訳語→ examine focus

追いかける の訳語→ chase pursue quest seek

追う の訳語→ banish drive evict shag shake

追跡する の訳語→ sleuth track

通る の訳語→ carry convince

踏む の訳語→ estimate reckon stamp step think trample

同調する の訳語→ align allow join

尾行する の訳語→ trail

聞きとる の訳語→ listen note read

聞く の訳語→ ask comment dress field heard listener press query question receive speak

歩く の訳語→ loose lope lurk march navigate pace proceed tread walking wander

見る の訳語→ acknowledge behold blink check confront consult consume detect expect eye gauge gaze glance glare inspect inspection judge look look in moment peer peg picture regard scan scrutinize sight size state study suggest surmise survey turn view wait

~になる の訳語→ approach be reduced to constitute create

守る の訳語→ abide adhere defend ensure honour manage to protect obey preserve protect salvage uphold visor

follow-up followership following