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かけあう の訳語→ call haggle

つきつける の訳語→ beat give point present push show stick turn

出くわす の訳語→ bump find meet run see stumble watch

出会う の訳語→ confrontation discover encounter have

対決する の訳語→ deal eyeball

直視する の訳語→ face look

直面する の訳語→ contend experience real-world

立ちふさがる の訳語→ bar block stand

接する の訳語→ be exposed interact read response

目にする の訳語→ catch glimpse lay eyes on witness

見る の訳語→ acknowledge behold blink check consult consume decide detect discern examine expect eye follow gauge gaze get glance glare inspect inspection judge long look in measure moment notice observe peer peg picture realize reckon recognize regard scan scrutinize seem sight size spot stare state study suggest surmise survey view wait

confrontational confrontation