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いじる の訳語→ adjust juggle move pet play tip twist

くぐり抜ける の訳語→ avoid circumvent

つきあう の訳語→ accompany carry date indulge intercourse join keep know meet mix see take treat understand

意味 の訳語→ advantage entendre explanation implication importance kind logic mean meaning message nature nuance point portent principle purpose reason references sense warrant way

駆け引き の訳語→ game hardball maneuvering

契約 の訳語→ contract covenant scheme

済ませる の訳語→ announce attend complete conclude do have

仕事 の訳語→ activity assignment billet business care career chore crap dealing desk duty employment enterprise exercise flow function gig job labor life matter mission morsel occupation operation practice problem profession project sledding specialty story stuff task thing trade undertaking weariness what work

事業 の訳語→ initiative

取引 の訳語→ bargain deed dicker exchange management order position transaction

取引き の訳語→ arrangement bargaining pact

収穫 の訳語→ accomplish catch exploit fruits gather harvest luck result success

小言 の訳語→ nagging reproach reproval scolding

乗り越える の訳語→ overpass survival survive weather

折り合う の訳語→ compromise settle

相手をする の訳語→ charm help

対応する の訳語→ correspondent proportional respond response

対決する の訳語→ confront eyeball

対処する の訳語→ address handle proceed rise

売る の訳語→ dispense invest peddle sell

売買 の訳語→ sale trafficking

約束 の訳語→ agree agreement appointment arrange commitment pledged promise reassurance request word

の訳語→ account campaign chat choice claim conference conversation cycle describe description dialogue discuss discussion episode eventuality evidence favor history idea incident information intelligence item legend lie mouth narrative negotiation news notion offer part piece pitch proceeding proposition question racket reasoning recounting relate report say situation speak subject suggestion tale talk talking tell thread topic torrent truth version yarn

dealer dealing with the problem dealing dealy