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の訳語→ aw hmmm huh oh pardon right

ええ の訳語→ really sure well yes

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything as business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem process question reason scale score sense shit solution something story stuff target task that thing time truth word worth

ところ の訳語→ area aspect circumstance distance find house information issue manner nature neighbourhood one picture place point post quality source spot streak surrounding way where

どう の訳語→ all how important so

どういう の訳語→ some

どうした の訳語→ come Jesus

どんな の訳語→ any either entire every most thousand whatever

どんなに の訳語→ hard utterly

なぜ の訳語→ why

なに の訳語→ hell just

なにか の訳語→ bit casual embarrassment incoherently little slight someone

なんて の訳語→ like rather

なんの の訳語→ complete particularly

まったく の訳語→ absolutely actually altogether apparent but certainly cold completely considerably distinctly entirely exact exactly exceedingly extremely fully genuine gevalt God goddamn gosh great intense man merely naturally never outstanding perfectly practically precisely pretty quite simply squeaky strongly such supremely surely totally truly vastly virtually

イメージ の訳語→ demeanor feeling image impression self-image thought trace

の訳語→ everything few many odd this

何か の訳語→ aught nothing presence somehow

仕事 の訳語→ activity assignment billet care career chore contract crap deal dealing desk do duty employment enterprise exercise flow function game gig job labor life mission morsel operation practice profession project sledding specialty trade undertaking weariness work

事実 の訳語→ actuality conclusion factor fate gospel indeed indicator knowlede line mark obvious particular realization relevant things today true

出来事 の訳語→ accident account consequence episode incident sitting

なんてこった の訳語→ be shoked gee

what-all whatever whatsit whatsoever what’s-its