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こと の訳語→ a.k.a. agenda anything as business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem process question reason scale score sense shit solution something story stuff target task that thing time truth what word worth

わるさ の訳語→ mischief wrong

恰好 の訳語→ about appearance costume gesture getup look pose posture shape sight state way wear

行動 の訳語→ act activity advance behavior conduct coup deed do game journey move operation outlook performance

勝負 の訳語→ duel fight fuckin’ match play race

衝動 の訳語→ bout desire drive impulse inclination instinct reflex seizure shock stirring urge vector

身のこなし の訳語→ antic grace manner motion movement

戦い の訳語→ battle clash fierce struggle war

戦闘 の訳語→ campaign combat contest field hostilities hostility warfighting

対応 の訳語→ handling parallelism response

動く の訳語→ dance dart function go labor shift stir tick turn walk wander work

動作 の訳語→ mechanics

反応 の訳語→ attitude bounce expression handle react reaction reactivity respondence result take uptake

対策 の訳語→ alternative antidote barrier consideration dealing with the problem defense strategy