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観測 の訳語→ observance thinking

期待 の訳語→ anticipation expectancy expectation faith hope longing need readiness standard wish

計算 の訳語→ calculation calculus computation computing concern estimation fact math reckoning

警戒 の訳語→ alarm alert apprehension cautious guard vigilance wariness warning

思いやり の訳語→ affection altruism compassion heart kindness

地位 の訳語→ career group job membership occupation office place position post rank role standing stature status

配慮 の訳語→ commitment forethought

判断 の訳語→ assumption book conclusion decision deliberation determine judgement judgment

斟酌 の訳語→ choose leniency

対策 の訳語→ action alternative antidote barrier dealing with the problem defense solution strategy way