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〜通り の訳語→ as exactly possible

〜法 の訳語→ mode technique

かたち の訳語→ form sort

しぐさ の訳語→ act display expression gesture manner motion movement note sign wave

すべ の訳語→ answer how trick

ずいぶん の訳語→ awful awfully considerable considering dearly decidedly deeply enormous enough extremely fairly large lot much numerous often pretty rather really remarkably so somewhat sure too try very while

ずっと の訳語→ absurdly all always considerably ever far fine long more nonstop permanently rest surely totally well whole

それ の訳語→ effect part that then words

ところ の訳語→ area aspect circumstance distance find house information issue moment nature neighbourhood one picture place point post process quality something source spot streak surrounding time what where

ところで の訳語→ but hey incidentally meanwhile now

ならわし の訳語→ custom practice protocol

はるかに の訳語→ enormously farther infinitely significantly tremendous vastly

やりかた の訳語→ approach art habit method number performance response style system tactic theory

やり口 の訳語→ business measure procedure

やり方 の訳語→ course game methodology option routine scheme solution

ようす の訳語→ appearance seem

よすが の訳語→ cairn fare

わけ の訳語→ mean purpose reason sense why

コツ の訳語→ key knack pointer ritual rope secret thing touch

チャンス の訳語→ advantage chance instant offer opportunity shot

意志 の訳語→ accord control determination like motive oneself view voice will wish

意識 の訳語→ attention attitude aware awareness concept connotation conscious consciousness heart identity life mind perception realization thought unrecognized

意味 の訳語→ deal entendre explanation implication importance kind logic meaning message nuance portent principle references warrant

一路 の訳語→ direct directly

遠い の訳語→ distant exotic far-away faraway peripheral slim

可能性 の訳語→ benefit can capability likelihood likely maybe odds possibility potentiality probability promise prospect tendency viability

格好 の訳語→ cloth in position wear

恰好 の訳語→ about action costume getup look pose posture shape sight state

感覚 の訳語→ air doubt emotion estimation experience feeling flair insight judgement sensation sensitivity sentience

観点 の訳語→ light slant

距離 の訳語→ barrier chute deference quarter reserve rift

具合 の訳語→ condition feel health

の訳語→ solid

の訳語→ gap hiatus loose

見方 の訳語→ opinion outlook perspective portrayal vision

言葉 の訳語→ admonition analogy ask avowal call comment compliment declaration estimate explain gush insult interpretation item language name noise phrase phraseology plea proposal protest put question remark remarks reply report rhetoric rule say sentence sound speak speech standard statement suggestion talk term tone tongue utterance word wording

悟り の訳語→ liminality

の訳語→ breath career cheek door face gob jaw job lip lips maw mouth pull teeth throat

口ぶり の訳語→ delivery

口実 の訳語→ cause cover-story excuse fantasy justification means pretext subterfuge

向かう の訳語→ advance bound come go head move proceed sail start take travel usher walk

考え の訳語→ angle calculation concern dream help idea interest math notion reflection think valuation worldview

行く手 の訳語→ path stride

行為 の訳語→ activity ass behavior conduct deed do event exercise exertion feasance feat gripe malice misconduct

姿 の訳語→ dress figure image montage presence scene silhouette similitude

思案 の訳語→ contemplation wit wondering

糸口 の訳語→ lead signpost

事実 の訳語→ actuality conclusion fact factor fate gospel indeed indicator knowlede line mark obvious particular relevant things today true truly truth

の訳語→ appeal arm card craft dodge duke employ fall finger fingertip gambit grasp hand maneuver palm paw ploy stunt techniques work

手つき の訳語→ hands

手はず の訳語→ arrangement care

手口 の訳語→ device gimmick

手順 の訳語→ algorithm plan

趣味 の訳語→ affectation hobby preference taste

の訳語→ power

場所 の訳語→ district environment ground locale locality locus milieu neighborhood room site space zone

状態 の訳語→ creature frame mood plight situation stage status welfare

態度 の訳語→ bearing belief colors fashion intrinsic personality relationship stance willingness

調子 の訳語→ apostrophe beat cadence convey curve echo-like faculty pace rate stroke tempo trend vein

程度 の訳語→ degree peg

展開 の訳語→ break deployment evolution turn

途中 の訳語→ middle progress

逃亡 の訳語→ abscondence defect desertion run

動作 の訳語→ mechanics

の訳語→ avenue choice destiny footpath journey lane pathway road route street street-corner track tract trail vestibule

道順 の訳語→ breadcrumb direction

抜け道 の訳語→ loophole wildcard

反応 の訳語→ bounce handle react reaction reactivity reflex respondence result uptake

の訳語→ doorway valve

表現 の訳語→ accolade express pay rendering representation

の訳語→ breeze bullshit of sickness suggest wind

の訳語→ character characteristic compulsion idiosyncrasy pattern propensity trait used

の訳語→ people someone

方向 の訳語→ destination development heading hunch tack vector

方式 の訳語→ format

方便 の訳語→ expediency instrumentation preparation

方法 の訳語→ alternative

の訳語→ law statute

の訳語→ affair bit facet field front page section side

様子 の訳語→ apparent appear behaviour indication layout spirit temper

流儀 の訳語→ code

の訳語→ ability capacity clout confidence convulsion dint dynamics effort energy enthusiasm feature force gift influence marrow might muscle pith reservoir resource strength use

の訳語→ case every example instance occasion paradigm tradition usual

きっかけ の訳語→ clue crowbar cue encouragement introduction springboard timing tipping point turning point yeast

常識 の訳語→ common sense norm normalcy nous order saying

対策 の訳語→ antidote consideration dealing with the problem defense strategy

waypoint wayside wayward programmer wayward