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うわさ の訳語→ bruit legend rumor rumour stuff thing

お達し の訳語→ arrangement obedience

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. agenda anything as business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem question reason scale score sense shit solution something story target task that time truth what worth

ことば の訳語→ English one remark speech

せりふ の訳語→ comment conversation line note quip reply sentence speak

ひとこと の訳語→ address briefly curtly interruption nothing phrase retort simply statement succinctly

ほんと の訳語→ oh sure

もの の訳語→ base clothing component creature dick element factor fellow important information ingredient instrument kind man object oyster people person possession private quality rest subject worthy

ニュース の訳語→ article item tale

悪態 の訳語→ garble nastygram obscenity rap swearing

一度 の訳語→ once sometime whenever

の訳語→ bruiting consensus fable get gossip hear inform report say speculation talk trash wag

会話 の訳語→ communication debate dialogue discussion language

決定 の訳語→ announcement approval attitude choice close decide deciding decision inquisition

言う の訳語→ accuse acquiesce add admit admonish announce answer ask assert begin blurt call claim confess contend declare deliver demand describe discuss exclaim explain express have imply indicate insist instruct mention mouth mutter name observe offer order point profess promise pronounce protest put read recall refer relate respond return sell show sound state submit suggest tell think unload venture whisper

言葉 の訳語→ admonition analogy avowal compliment concept declaration estimate estimation expression gush insult interpretation mean noise phraseology plea proposal remarks rule shot standard suggestion term tone tongue utterance voice way wording words

口にする の訳語→ drink eat greet launch pose recite spring use utter

口に出す の訳語→ frame outright

口ぶり の訳語→ delivery manner seem

口数 の訳語→ loquacity talkative

沙汰 の訳語→ notice tune

の訳語→ calligrapher character hand handwriting squiggle type writing

の訳語→ after chronology clock day hour season when

消息 の訳語→ know tiding track witting

情報 の訳語→ advice advisory ammo data end happening info informed intelligence knowledge material message reference sign source tip

切り出す の訳語→ break broach dice go start volunteer

大事 の訳語→ care spectacular urgent

断る の訳語→ decline permission rebuff refuse reject resistance

断言 の訳語→ affirmance declarative observation vouch

知らせ の訳語→ notification

発言 の訳語→ pronouncement quote

評判 の訳語→ esteem excitement rep reputation respect

文句 の訳語→ accusation complaint complaints gambit request sentiment slogan

文字 の訳語→ hand-writing marking print

文面 の訳語→ letter text

返事 の訳語→ acknowledgment query response write

の訳語→ appellation best fame identity surname title wonderful

名前 の訳語→ notation

約束 の訳語→ agree agreement appointment arrange bargain commitment deal pledged reassurance

連絡 の訳語→ contact interface touch

の訳語→ account campaign chat conference cycle description episode eventuality evidence explanation favor history incident lie narrative negotiation notion piece pitch proceeding proposition racket reasoning recounting situation talking thread topic torrent version yarn


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