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あらわにする の訳語→ express indicate obviously

あらわれ の訳語→ aspect mark sign

あらわれている の訳語→ behold manifest reflect

いう の訳語→ accuse add address admit advise affirm agree air announce assure blurt call claim confess confide continue cry declare describe discuss divulge exclaim explain expression give hint insist intone invite kind know like liken make mention muse note object observe phrase point proffer promise pronouncement propose put read recite refer remark repeat replay reply report resume say sing snap sound speak suggest swear talk tell think unburden urge volunteer warn

うかべる の訳語→ emanate produce pull smile summon supply wear

かかげる の訳語→ celebrate raise tilt

かける の訳語→ about begin bestow cover crank dump equip hook launch lay nearly pay pepper place play provide rest run scamper seat set shake sit sling spend start take throw under waste worth wrap

こもる の訳語→ cloister enter fill hang hide shut

ごまかし の訳語→ bull bullshit fallacy flam flimflam fob juggle jugglery prevarication trickery varnish

さも の訳語→ deliberate obvious particular real utter very

しめす の訳語→ communicate demonstrate emphasise evince have nod offer sustain

する の訳語→ acquire become bring come conduct develop do fall feel gain get go incline keep manage switch try use want

つきつける の訳語→ beat confront present push stick turn

のぞかせる の訳語→ convey peek

はさむ の訳語→ between center cradle fix hold inject interrupt slip store tuck

みせる の訳語→ choose openly will

むきだしにする の訳語→ bare display

ように の訳語→ as equivalent miniature so

よそおう の訳語→ act false feign fictitious studied style

わざと の訳語→ abruptly artfully consciously deliberately intentionally mock purposely rather self-consciously thoughtfully treat willfully

ショー の訳語→ nightlife pageant showtime

案内する の訳語→ escort usher

映す の訳語→ cast

押し出す の訳語→ ooze squeeze

会場 の訳語→ ground venue

気配 の訳語→ appearance edge feeling foretaste hear indication movement presence sensation sense signs stir symptom thud warning wind

教える の訳語→ acquaint apprise educate foist gimme inform instruct ken lesson pass proclaim remind schoolmaster share spill teach

見える の訳語→ apparently appear catch discover find look observable see seem sight view viewable

見せつける の訳語→ parade reminder

見せる の訳語→ betray examine flash presume pretend surrender

見返す の訳語→ stare

元気 の訳語→ care cheerful energy fine good great health heartiness inclined inspire joyous nice oomph spirit spring strength zap

現われる の訳語→ float visit

誇示する の訳語→ assert exaggeration flaunt trumpet

姿を見せる の訳語→ stand

思い知らせる の訳語→ convince reassure

示す の訳語→ aim broadcast demonstration denote transform unveil

芝居 の訳語→ actor game masquerade part performance playacting theatre

の訳語→ color coloring hue lust pigment tinge trace

尽くす の訳語→ accomplish dedicate employ fulfil serve wait

体裁 の訳語→ artificial dignity format

通す の訳語→ allow leach let negotiate pervious receive

導く の訳語→ beacon channel lead

番組 の訳語→ fare program programming slot

披露する の訳語→ bounce deliver swap

表紙 の訳語→ jacket

浮かべる の訳語→ assume break cross impart

舞台 の訳語→ arena onstage platform setting stage

言う の訳語→ acquiesce admonish answer ask comment contend demand direct get at imply mouth mutter name order profess pronounce protest recall relate respond return sell state submit unload venture whisper word

出る の訳語→ arrive award dangle emerge engage finish forward get going hit leave move out plunge practice quit reach ride step walk

認める の訳語→ accept acceptance acknowledge admire attribute aware believe bless concede conclude consider deign establish expose give sb credit grant identify notice realistic realize recognize self-identy write

〜によると の訳語→ according to ~ from

show-off showcase showdown shower