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あらわす の訳語→ identify put reflect revelation

いいだす の訳語→ propose start tell

いう の訳語→ accuse add address admit advise affirm agree air announce assure blurt call claim confess confide continue cry declare describe discuss divulge exclaim explain express expression give hint insist intone invite kind know like liken make mention muse note object observe phrase point proffer promise pronouncement read recite refer remark repeat replay reply report resume say show sing snap sound speak swear talk think unburden urge volunteer warn

いってくる の訳語→ receive write

いってやる の訳語→ demand tole

うながす の訳語→ ask direct draw edge hurry order prod quicken remind trigger

ささやく の訳語→ breathe impart inform mouth whisper

すすめる の訳語→ dictate encourage hand offer pass

そそのかす の訳語→ allure coax snare

ほのめかす の訳語→ allude

ように の訳語→ as equivalent miniature so

意味する の訳語→ connote consider constitute denote indication predicate purport

勧める の訳語→ persuade promote reach suggestion

見える の訳語→ apparently appear catch discover find ken look observable see seem sight take view viewable

言いだす の訳語→ concern insistence

言い出す の訳語→ suddenly

考える の訳語→ absorb approach assume believe care chew compose conceive concentrate contemplate convinced count debate decide delve design determine disguise dwell examine expectation fancy feature feel figure gather glance idea ideate imagine judge meditate occur plan ponder process prospect question realize reason recall recognize regard register remembrance result ruminate scheme seek speculate suppose suspect theorize thought through trouble waver weigh wonder

思わせる の訳語→ link resemble smack

指示 の訳語→ direction guidance instruction precept supervision

指摘する の訳語→ correct finger review

出す の訳語→ convey display flip get hold let open outright pay pitch poke pop produce provide pull serve ship stick submit surrender

述べる の訳語→ acknowledge advance assert bubble confirm deliver maintain state

触れる の訳語→ brush come intrude lay on tickle touch violate

吹きこむ の訳語→ sell

水を向ける の訳語→ hazard venture

宣告する の訳語→ adjudicate

提案する の訳語→ proponent recommend

の訳語→ breeze bullshit custom manner of sickness way wind

誘う の訳語→ arouse arrange attract bring build drag entice hypnotize lube spark steer woo

言う の訳語→ acquiesce admonish answer begin comment contend get at have imply indicate instruct mutter name profess pronounce protest relate respond return unload word

見る の訳語→ behold blink check confront consult consume detect discern expect eye follow gauge gaze glare inspect inspection long look in measure moment notice peer peg picture reckon scan scrutinize size spot stare study surmise survey turn wait watch witness

suggestion suggestively suggestive