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〜させる の訳語→ lead make

〜ではないか の訳語→ fear perhaps surely

あげる の訳語→ get give have heighten hold lift offer place provide push raise rise say slip uncover utter

うっかり の訳語→ absentmindedly accident accidentally careless carelessly heedlessly inadvertent inadvertently injudiciously nearly thoughtlessly uncertainly unguardedly unintentional unthinkingly venture

おろす の訳語→ deposit fire plop remove untie

かまわない の訳語→ forget happy ignore leave should

させる の訳語→ allow ask authorize encourage force slap

そのまま の訳語→ consequently continue directly docile exact frankly immediate immediately instantly keep originally perfectly plain remain same simply straight then there unconsciously whole

ひっかかる の訳語→ bite bother catch nag strike trap trip worry

まかせる の訳語→ count delegate throw

許す の訳語→ condone forgive grant justify permit privilege suffer sympathize tolerate

許可する の訳語→ permissive

借りる の訳語→ borrow lease rent use

手を貸す の訳語→ assist help

出す の訳語→ convey display express flip gather open outright pay pitch poke pop produce pull put refer serve ship start stick submit suggest surrender

待つ の訳語→ expect hang hope lay listen plan receive roost sit stay wait

通す の訳語→ leach negotiate pervious show

任せる の訳語→ trust

黙認する の訳語→ acquiesce

容認する の訳語→ approve take

let go of let-down let-up letdown lethargic lethargy letter let’s-pretend