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くわえる の訳語→ chew couple direct gobble insert place put visit

つきだす の訳語→ jab lean move poke thrust

つきつける の訳語→ beat confront give point present push show turn

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance belong come cover dispose draw explore fill gather get have head hit imprint make man prop reach ride serve settle sit strike supply take

つける の訳語→ adjust assign bear fix flip follow furnish light plant plunge provide shed use wear write

つっこむ の訳語→ fit in jam persist prod slip

どうしようもない の訳語→ awful bloody broken bushwah confoundedly desperate extremely fuckin’ great helpless hopeless howling nasty rotten sheer terrible tight total

ねじこむ の訳語→ screw stuff tell

はさむ の訳語→ between center cradle hold inject interrupt store tuck

貫く の訳語→ set

陥る の訳語→ sink

気になる の訳語→ annoy care concern confused conscious determined disconcerting distract disturbing embarrassing feel harrowing mean notice perplexing possibly prepare prepared question remember swear think trouble wonder worry

広がる の訳語→ grow large outreach percolate wide widen

差し込む の訳語→ inlet

出す の訳語→ convey display express let open outright pay pitch pop produce pull refer ship start submit suggest surrender

辛抱強く の訳語→ patient patiently tirelessly

操縦桿 の訳語→ throttle yoke

注射 の訳語→ injection spike

停滞 の訳語→ stagnancy stagnation stasis

突きつける の訳語→ shove

突き出す の訳語→ denunciation flaunt hand jut

突く の訳語→ bunt pang poach shoot slap swag touch

の訳語→ bludgeon cane club line pin stretcher

守る の訳語→ abide adhere carry cling defend ensure field honour keep manage to protect obey observe play preserve protect salvage uphold visor

sticker sticking sticky

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