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あからさまな の訳語→ apparent bare blatant blunt clearly downright explicitly naughty obvious open outright reckless unsubtle

うながす の訳語→ ask draw edge hurry invite make order prod quicken remind suggest trigger

くわえる の訳語→ chew couple gobble insert place put stick visit

ただちに の訳語→ abruptly immediate immediately quickly right

なまなましい の訳語→ bright clear crudely intense keen lively real uncontained underhand vivid

ひたむきな の訳語→ attentive purposeful tense undivided

まっすぐ の訳語→ dead directly erect hard slap steadily straight upright

まともな の訳語→ appropriate civilized commonsense controversial decent decently full-sized good honest important just likely nice normal okay orderly ordinary praiseworthy proper reasonably regular respectable responsible sane serious solid sound together wise workable

まともに の訳語→ entirely exactly full full-scale fully levelly pat practically properly reasonable sensibly seriously smack squarely unerringly

一路 の訳語→ way

傾ける の訳語→ cock drink tip

向かって の訳語→ benefit to

合図をする の訳語→ motion nod

至上 の訳語→ gospel sovereignty supremacy

集まる の訳語→ attract congest crowd disperse frequent gather get meet

促す の訳語→ advise encouragingly exhort expect fillip force say steer urge

単刀直入に の訳語→ baldly laconically simply

直接の の訳語→ face-to-face in-the-moment

明白な の訳語→ positive self-descriptive tangibly undisputed unequivocal

明瞭な の訳語→ clarity understandable

有無を言わせぬ の訳語→ coercion firm irresistible

誘導する の訳語→ conduct induce

露骨に の訳語→ blatantly expressly obtrusively openly overt pointedly

言う の訳語→ accuse acquiesce add admit admonish announce answer assert begin blurt call claim comment confess contend declare deliver demand describe discuss exclaim explain express get at have imply indicate insist instruct mention mouth mutter name note observe offer point profess promise pronounce protest read recall refer relate reply report respond return sell show speak state submit talk tell think unload venture whisper word

directions direction directly directness directorate director