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いじる の訳語→ adjust deal juggle move pet play twist

かしげる の訳語→ cock list lurch tilt turn

かたむく の訳語→ go heel lean lie

さげる の訳語→ carry clear dangle grip put sling with

傾ける の訳語→ direct drink

の訳語→ finger fingertip hand thumb

情報 の訳語→ advice advisory ammo data end happening idea info information informed intelligence knowledge line material message news reference remark report sign something source stuff suggestion that thing witting word

の訳語→ address ahead beyond bottom corner down exit far farther first front future moment nozzle place rest

の訳語→ brain brains chief face garret hair head imagination intellectual memory mental mentality mind nerve noggin onion pane potato pow reasoning sense skull thinking thought tomato

秘訣 の訳語→ art the tricks of the trade trick

tipping point tiptoe