× Q 翻訳類語辞典


さげる の訳語→ carry clear dangle put sling tip with

しがみつく の訳語→ burrow clutch

つかまる の訳語→ hold reach

つかむ の訳語→ catch clasp close figure find gather get grab grasp know land learn play snaffle take understand

むんずとつかむ の訳語→ claw

握りしめる の訳語→ clench press pump wring

握る の訳語→ achieve assume control fold have squeeze touch

の訳語→ fist hand heel knuckle

食い込む の訳語→ addition invade

相手 の訳語→ antagonist companion company customer enemy everybody face friend he him interest man one other partner party people person quarry she someone they victim

把握 の訳語→ read


gripes gripe