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〜したい の訳語→ curious desire eager like love need prefer want

〜のものだ の訳語→ belong possess

あう の訳語→ get keep suffer

あがる の訳語→ arise back climb nervous nervousness rise stop try up

あげる の訳語→ give heighten hold let lift offer place provide push raise say slip uncover utter

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find given go happen hear inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

おく の訳語→ complete drop engage lay pause put rest settle take thrust

おびる の訳語→ acquire contain

おぼえる の訳語→ approach experience know learn pick remember

かかえる の訳語→ carry clasp cradle draw employ jam squat

きっと の訳語→ always bet bitterly blankly but certainly definitely doubtless fixedly hard invariably just likely maybe must obviously ought perhaps presumably probably stiffly sure then tightly truly undoubtedly will

けしかける の訳語→ dare encourage exhort instigate prod tell urge

こもっている の訳語→ fill reflect

させる の訳語→ allow ask authorize force leave make slap

しめす の訳語→ communicate demonstrate emphasise evince nod show sustain

すませる の訳語→ finalize finish

そなえる の訳語→ precaution prepare ready

だのに の訳語→ so

だめだ の訳語→ deny no not unsuccessfully useless

ちがいない の訳語→ possibility surely

ちらつかせる の訳語→ flaunt flick flip pull wave

つかまえる の訳語→ corner grab hunt hurt rope

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance cover dispose explore gather head hit imprint lean man prop ride serve stick strike supply

つくる の訳語→ build buy distill introduce invent manufacture wear

できる の訳語→ able assemble can capable chance develop good manage open permissible possible power understand yes

とらえる の訳語→ allure apprehend catch encounter entrap follow grasp identify impress isolate maneuver pass spot

はおる の訳語→ clad throw

ひっぱりだす の訳語→ bring coax delve drag extract produce provoke

もつ の訳語→ last wearable

ものにする の訳語→ conquer win

もらう の訳語→ award collect receive relieve

よぶ の訳語→ call cause invite summon whip

扱う の訳語→ coddle do handle regard sell treat

引き受ける の訳語→ accept agree attend care claim commit underwrite

飲む の訳語→ drink quaff sip slug use

羽目になる の訳語→ incumbent

過ごす の訳語→ company live night spend spent stay

確保する の訳語→ arrange clear maintain obtain

感じる の訳語→ aware conscious create decide feeling mindful move react realize seem sense sweep taste think

関連性 の訳語→ link relativity relevance relevancy

寄せる の訳語→ brush flood furrow hike issue side sidle

記録する の訳語→ determine document log preserve record stash store track

許す の訳語→ condone forgive grant justify permit privilege sympathize tolerate

駆られる の訳語→ further

経験する の訳語→ overpass

迎える の訳語→ fetch greet hail meet preparation

雇う の訳語→ contract hire indenture rent

刻みつける の訳語→ print scribe

済ませる の訳語→ announce conclude deal

飼う の訳語→ breed

持っている の訳語→ share

持つ の訳語→ assume entertain

手にする の訳語→ hand nurse

収集する の訳語→ glean

拾う の訳語→ retrieve

宿る の訳語→ dwell lade lodge

出会う の訳語→ confront confrontation discover

上がる の訳語→ ascend cease frighten step

生む の訳語→ foster spawn

相手にする の訳語→ mind play

送る の訳語→ deliver dispatch escort lead send steer walk

帯びる の訳語→ absorb tinge

達する の訳語→ begin calculate evolve spread touch

知っている の訳語→ ken knowledge recognize

注文する の訳語→ order

追いつめる の訳語→ chase close hound

踏む の訳語→ estimate figure guess reckon stamp trample

入る の訳語→ beginning emerge enter fall join march penetrate pitch proceed squeeze tag trod turn

把握する の訳語→ assess

伴う の訳語→ entail

秘めている の訳語→ conceal enclose

必要がある の訳語→ behoove demand important should

保管する の訳語→ file

抱える の訳語→ clutch embrace

抱く の訳語→ held hug increase incubate pay rock support

味わう の訳語→ afford appreciation attain chew gain savor soak

儲ける の訳語→ earn

頼む の訳語→ beg command entrust imploringly plea plead please requisition retain

言う の訳語→ accuse acquiesce add admit admonish answer assert blurt comment confess contend declare describe direct discuss exclaim explain express get at imply indicate insist instruct mention mouth mutter name note observe profess promise pronounce protest read recall refer relate reply report respond return sound speak state submit suggest talk unload venture whisper word

接する の訳語→ be exposed interact response

握る の訳語→ control fold grip pick up

手に入れる の訳語→ accue purchase secure snap up stumble


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