× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


あたり の訳語→ air area around at everything level neighborhood now part per place region section so somewhere things

どうも の訳語→ actually almost but most much personally quite really simply somehow somewhat tend truly very

どうやら の訳語→ apparently clearly dimly doubtless evidently finally just likely maybe obviously ostensibly presumably probably reportedly would

にらむ の訳語→ assume conceive feel gaze glare glue look scowl stare suspect think watch

まあ の訳語→ anyway God however might okay only rather some sort well

みえる の訳語→ come impress must see seem

みたい の訳語→ appear like

らしい の訳語→ any as become befit believe expect imagine know obvious proper real seemingly suppose take understand wise

わかる の訳語→ admit agree apparent appreciate ascertain catch certain clear clue conscious count decide discern discover fancy fathom figure find follow form gather get git hear identify indicate isolate learn make measure notice offer palpable perceive pinpoint prone prove realise realize recognise recognition recognize register respect sense sensitive share spot sure sympathize tell trace traceable understandable witness

憶測 の訳語→ assumption conjecture speculation surmise theory

気づく の訳語→ assaile attach knowledge listen match note noticeable occur strike uncover

疑う の訳語→ distrust doubt surprised sus wonder

見当 の訳語→ idea notion

見当がつく の訳語→ predictable

見当をつける の訳語→ estimate point

察する の訳語→ deduce detect grasp observe speculate

思う の訳語→ accept anticipate anticipation argue ask bear buy concern concerned conclude consider deem determine dwell frightened hope impression judge love mind plan pretend prospect qualify reckon reflect remark remember sensible sound terrify thought try view want wish

心づもり の訳語→ business intention

推察 の訳語→ reasoning

推測 の訳語→ notch projection

推理 の訳語→ arithmetic assertion calculate hypothesis inference suspicion

推理する の訳語→ hypothesize

想像する の訳語→ draw dream envision ideate vision visualize

探りあてる の訳語→ encounter reach

知らない の訳語→ beneath ignorance ignorant lack strange unknowing

知る の訳語→ beset care ken news realization review understood

当てる の訳語→ cover suck turn

踏む の訳語→ have hit stamp step trample

読む の訳語→ assess proofread prophesy read scarcely size study

判断する の訳語→ convince decision rule

予想 の訳語→ expectation expected fear forecast predict prediction presupposition prognosis supposed wagering

わからない の訳語→ agnostic be hard to know bother confused lost unsure