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うるさい の訳語→ awkward bad blatant flipping fussy meddle meticulous noisily noisy pesky remarkable senseless

かまう の訳語→ care count harm mind possessive

しない の訳語→ absence avoid not refuse sparingly

たまらない の訳語→ annoy awful desperately distraction immense intolerably irresistible most so specially succumb too unbearable want

ひきうける の訳語→ agree do volunteer willing

ひっかかる の訳語→ bite catch let nag strike trap trip worry

わざわざ の訳語→ calculated careful carefully deliberately especially insist intentionally meaningful needlessly obligingly purposely solemnly special specifically

干渉する の訳語→ interfering intervene pragmatic touch

気がかり の訳語→ concern uneasy unsettling wonder worrisome

気にかかる の訳語→ concerned disturb disturbed

気にする の訳語→ attention fret matter protective put regret study

気にとめる の訳語→ think

邪魔する の訳語→ clutter encumber impede interrupt sandbag snooker stop undermine

心に引っかかる の訳語→ puzzle upset

心配する の訳語→ consider dread fear frightened suffer

辛い の訳語→ acrimonious bitter cruel difficult hard hurt miss pain painful piquant sorry spicy taxing tough

世話 の訳語→ agency arrange company help kindness live trouble turn work

大変な の訳語→ alarming appalling big confused fucked grave great serious slashing thundering uncomfortable

無視する の訳語→ break deny despite disdain dismiss fob forgo ignore marginalize obey oblivious overlook overpass override undervalue

わからない の訳語→ agnostic be hard to know decide guess ignorant lost unsure