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あずかる の訳語→ guard responsible share

いい の訳語→ acute allowable beautiful better can charming cool delightful desirable encouraging fine forget glad good great grown happy hope impeccably lovely neat nice O.K. optimal perhaps plenty positive pretty probable promising proper reasonable regular right satisfied smart successful super suppose sweet upright vote well well-to-do wonderful

いたわり の訳語→ nurturance pity sympathy

かまう の訳語→ bother count harm mind possessive

サービス の訳語→ attention cheaply reward

引き受ける の訳語→ accept agree attend claim commit handle have provide underwrite

管理 の訳語→ administrative control governance housing management measure regimen supervision

機嫌 の訳語→ cheerful equanimity feeling mood spirit streak temper

気にする の訳語→ concern disturb fret matter protective put regret study worry

気にとめる の訳語→ think

気になる の訳語→ annoy confused conscious determined disconcerting distract disturbing embarrassing feel harrowing mean notice perplexing possibly prepare prepared question remember stick swear trouble wonder

気に入る の訳語→ appreciate approve believe fancy fond knock like love please pleased suit trust want warm

気持 の訳語→ adoration desire heart inclination intentions motive need sense soul urge

苦しみ の訳語→ agony commiseration heartache misery misfortune pain suffer suffering trauma travail

元気 の訳語→ energy health heartiness inclined inspire joyous oomph show spring strength zap

好き の訳語→ enjoy fondness

好む の訳語→ affection back cherish fan foster prefer wish

考える の訳語→ absorb approach ask assume chew compose conceive concentrate consider contemplate convinced debate decide delve design determine disguise dwell examine expectation feature figure find gather glance idea ideate imagine judge know look meditate occur plan ponder process prospect realize reason recall recognize regard register remembrance result ruminate scheme see seek speculate suggest suspect theorize thought through waver weigh

仕事 の訳語→ activity assignment billet business career chore contract crap deal dealing desk do duty employment enterprise exercise flow function game gig job labor life mission morsel occupation operation practice problem profession project sledding specialty story stuff task thing trade undertaking weariness what work

手はず の訳語→ arrangement way

手入れ の訳語→ bust crackdown hygiene investigation raid roundup

準備 の訳語→ planning position prelude prep preparation preparative ready set setout

世話 の訳語→ agency arrange company help kindness live turn

大事 の訳語→ spectacular urgent word

知る の訳語→ beset discover get grasp guess hear ken knowledge learn news note realise realization review tell understand understood

注意 の訳語→ admonition advice caution caveat nevermind order suggestion warn warning watchful witting

の訳語→ intention pangs

庇護 の訳語→ aegis auspice mantle slipstream wing

片づく の訳語→ die disappear go orderly

夢中だ の訳語→ adore play

夢中になる の訳語→ curious fuss

面倒 の訳語→ complication disaster episode grief hell inconvenience irritating misadvenature nuisance worse

問題だ の訳語→ signify

用心 の訳語→ benefit careful cautious heed mindful precaution

養生 の訳語→ rest

気にかける の訳語→ aware be concerned self-conscious

こだわる の訳語→ adhere be obsessed with fascination insistent obsess particular

career carefree carefully careful carelessly carelessness careless caress