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〜したい の訳語→ curious desire eager have like love prefer want

ご用 の訳語→ service

したい の訳語→ inclination must please tend willing wish

たい の訳語→ propose should would

の訳語→ because but eventually if sudden then when with

ほしい の訳語→ kindly try

期待 の訳語→ anticipation consideration expectancy expectation faith hope longing readiness standard

気持 の訳語→ adoration care feel feeling heart intentions mind mood motive sense soul spirit urge

気持ち の訳語→ affection confidence conscious courage craving emotion idea intention interest life mentally point sensation think thought

求める の訳語→ apply ask buy clamor demand expect long lust poke pursuit request requirement right seek

困る の訳語→ afraid amiss dizzy embarrass hate lack neck terrible trouble worry

の訳語→ affair business case fact incident issue matter opportunity respect serious situation sort subject thing turn work

事態 の訳語→ circumstance condition consequence development event experience gist moment outcome position scenario things this

出番 の訳語→ call chance number

性向 の訳語→ inclining liking ply proclivity propensity

探す の訳語→ find grope look search test

都合 の訳語→ reason total

必要 の訳語→ desirable essential justification preference purpose require take use

必要がある の訳語→ behoove important ought

必要だ の訳語→ relevant

必要な の訳語→ beholden necessary needful

目論見 の訳語→ sight

要求 の訳語→ ambition postulation

欲しがる の訳語→ yearn

欲求 の訳語→ drive hunger quest stir yearning

欲望 の訳語→ end

neediness needler needlessly needlessness needless needle