× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜して の訳語→ as till

〜だから の訳語→ from seeing

おかげで の訳語→ but so therefore with

から の訳語→ after against among before behind between derive over past since through until when

からだ の訳語→ body constitution frame health

せい の訳語→ effect fault touch

ために の訳語→ hope

だから の訳語→ actually consequently then thence which

だって の訳語→ certainly even Jesus possible too well yet

つまり の訳語→ briefly essentially exactly i.e. just mean particularly perhaps that

の訳語→ hand

の訳語→ accordance besides depend now whenever while

の訳語→ eventually if need sudden

なにしろ の訳語→ altogether especially for obviously

のだ の訳語→ indeed really simply

以上 の訳語→ more worse

因果 の訳語→ fate reason sin

結果 の訳語→ aftermath consequence fallout finally fruit meaning on outcome product ramification report result resultant subsequence take thing

原因 の訳語→ blame cause explanation factor how impell knell problem source start why

理由 の訳語→ answer argument basis benefit circumstance ground justification point purpose ratio